Back to daily routine: How to Assimilate to “Real” Life Once More

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Back to daily routine after long or short vacation? You planned your vacation for weeks and weeks. You explored a different world; you showed your children new, exciting things; and you hit a few pitfalls along the way. All in all, your vacation was a great success. And now you must return. How can you assimilate yourselves back to life at home?

Commit to the anti-jet-lag routine

Engage in one short nap after your return and then hit the streets or some indoor activities, if it’s still daytime outside. Take your children to their favorite playground, go for a long walk, and assimilate to the everyday surroundings. Remember to eat right before you go to bed to avoid middle of the night hunger pangs. Your children may want to sleep at bizarre times; don’t let them.

Try to arrive home at least a few days before office and school schedules resume

Give yourself a few days to recuperate from your vacation and loosen yourself from the nags of fatigue and a jet-lag. Back to daily routine by doing your laundry, unpack your new knick-knacks, and unwind in front of the television. Make your children their favorite foods. But stick to the eating and sleeping schedule that you’ll need in the next few days when work and school kick in. Don’t give in to a sleepy head easily!

Call your co-workers to see what has occurred while you’ve been out of town.

Back to daily routine in work… Your first day back at work can be jarring. Commit to a smooth morning back by calling a few of your close co-workers to catch up. Make a list of all the things you need to complete in the first morning you’re back at work. If you have the tasks running already in your mind, you won’t find your first day back so rough.

Back to daily routine with play date for your children

If your children feel a little strange coming back home after all the excitement, allow them to hook up with a few of their old friends. They’ll enjoy narrating holiday stories to friends, and gradually, settle back into the routine social norms. School can then follow.

Turn your mail back on or retrieve your mail from your neighbor

Hopefully you’ve been responsible with your mail and not allowed it to build up in your mailbox. Alert your post office that you can begin receiving mail again or thank your neighbor for keeping your home safe. Did you get him a gift?

Attend to your electrical items

You’ve limited your electricity bill by unplugging your lamps and televisions and speakers, etc. Restore your home to its old self.

Back to daily routine after short or long vacation? well… Good luck!

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