How to Make the Most of Your Last Evening on Vacation

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Your last evening on vacation is the last evening of a priceless adventure. Make it special for everyone by choosing a restaurant or a special place where everyone can come together comfortably and happily. Remember: this does not always mean you head to the ritzy Italian place with candles and the best bruschetta in town. If your children are happiest at the pizza parlor down the street, you may find yourself feeling happiest there as well.

It’s the end of a vacation, and everyone’s tired. In your last evening on vacation take the opportunity to commune as a family one last time, before you return to routine.

  • Ask your children to engage with you by revealing their favorite parts of the vacation. Ask them their favorite foods, their favorite parks, or what they like most about the hotel. If they are old enough, ask them to write their memories down for you. Allow them to understand that writing their experiences and adventures allows them to keep the memories for much longer.
  • When you arrive back to your home and back to your schedules, you and your children will be able to look back on what they wrote and reminisce. Writing is a great, though sadly, under-rated memorabilia.

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