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Planning a family vacation, especially one that appeals to all age ranges and genders, requires compromise and negotiation. It is important to consider all the suggestions and needs of your children, regardless of their ages.

While hiring a travel agent used to be the easiest way to plan a family vacation, resources on the internet make it much more doable for you to plan it yourself. Unless the vacation involves multiple destinations, flights, or arraignments, it is easiest to plan the family vacation using resources on the internet, various websites, and travel guides. Most cities have websites advertising lodging, festivals, activities for children, eating, and other tourist attractions. This is a good starting point in making sure that the location you have chosen for your family vacation is suitable for a family with children in various age ranges.

Allow your children to be active planners in your trip. Obviously, it is necessary that an adult books all the lodging, transportation, etc. but allow your children to pick various activities to do. Depending upon the age of each child, let them choose an activity that will appeal to them! Maybe your 8 year old sons wants to see the dinosaurs at the natural history museum? Or you daughter prefers something more artsy and wants a tour of an art gallery. By allowing them to choose an activity (or two) that appeal to their interests, you’ll allowing them to be an active participate in the vacation planning. Furthermore, before you leave for your family vacation, request brochures from the visitor’s center or travel bureau of that city/country. In addition to the brochures requested, buy books at the reading age of your children about the place you’re visiting. This helps them to choose what they want to do and to get them excited about the vacation!

Remember, what your children might want to do probably won’t appeal to everyone (or even to you). However, everyone is given the opportunity to decide what they want to do so you and the other children must respect everyone’s decisions. Along with children choosing activities to do, if you’re in a historical city, make sure to introduce them to these historical moments in time and use it as a learning experience. This is especially relevant for European cities! However, the United States and other newer countries have just as much history.

If you’re heading to a resort, look at the separate options for children. While it is nice to do activities as a family (and usually the point of the trip!), it is also important for Mom and Dad to get relaxation time alone. Most resorts or larger hotels have children’s programs while adults spend the time alone. Don’t feel guilty for skipping out one afternoon or evening.

A family vacation can be easily planned by oneself and becomes hassle free when opinions from all children are taken into account.

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