France & Paris with Kids

You may be filled with excitement at the thought of showing the vibrant city of Paris to your children and seeing the wonder light up in their little faces as they soak up all the amazing sights and sounds of the city, but what if there is a different way to enjoy Paris with your kids?  How about if you try and regain a sense of child-like awe and try to see the sights through their eyes instead?

Of course you’ll wait some sort of itinerary to make sure that you don’t miss the city highlights, but make sure that you allow enough time to simply wander and look.  Let your kids pause at the places that really capture their attention and don’t hurry them along if they are totally absorbed in something.

You might be tempted to try and avoid the busier parts of town, the places that attract the main hubbub of tourists, and seek out hidden jewels instead.  But remember why places become popular tourist attractions – they are usually the best sights in a city!  As long as you keep a close eye and a tight hold on your kids, crowded places can be just as exciting your young eyes, with a throng of people and a hive of activity all around.

Let your kids, at least in part, be your guide to Paris!