Tips for Stroller Drivers

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All of us, parents, have been there. And some of you, reading this post, still are. And we all know that stroller is an essential accessory that gives your kid (and yourself) the necessary comfort. But it can sometimes be a difficult tool to manage: extremely crowded public transportation, an itinerary with ups and downs and stairs and rocks that tense both you and the baby, a room at the third floor of a hotel with no elevator…

If you have been in such circumstances, you probably triple check everything before leaving with your little one. If you are at your first trip or you have been lucky enough not to have a bad experience, there are some Tips for Stroller to consider:

1. If you’re flying, ask the travel agency or directly the airline company about the policies they apply – some of them have restrictions about weight, dimensions, type, age of the baby, etc. It would be great if they allow you to check it at the gate and not leave it with the luggage – it might get damaged or lost;

2. When booking the hotel, make sure they have elevators (two would be even better, just in case) or they can accommodate you in a room with easy access. It might seem like a small, commonplace, but have it in mind. We didn’t and it wasn’t very funny: when my oldest daughter was 10 months old, we took a week holiday at the sea. We booked a nice junior suite in a fine hotel and we were excited about the trip. When we got there, we checked in and we had the bad surprise of finding out they only had suites at the 3rd floor, in a new building with no functional elevators. We tried to change it, even with a smaller room, but the hotel was full. And imagine going up and down three floors, tens of times a day, with the baby, the stroller, all the beach accessories, etc.;

3. No matter the place you are going, read about the surroundings, the places you want to visit, the access to main attractions. Try to find out if stroller can be used or if they can offer alternative solutions (some places allow you to rent strollers or other baby transportation);

4. Choose a stroller that gives the baby enough place and comfort, offers storage space (diapers, food, water, some clothes), is light and portable and can fold in a compact package. The options now are plenty and you can certainly find one that fits your needs and budget.

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