3 Golden Tips for Baby’s First Vacation

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Baby’s First Vacation

Your baby’s first vacation is a special vacation. Mostly to the parents! Your baby’s needs must be met throughout each stage of your vacation. There is a silver lining to traveling with small babies: they are portable. Oh, aren’t they portable. As irritating as it can be trying to push a stroller down a crowded, cobblestone alleyway, it’s best to take solace in the fact that they can’t run fast down a crowded alleyway without you, surrounded by strangers. Not yet.

And furthermore, your small infant has no real idea of what’s going on. He or she could be wrapped up in your baby sling across your chest, staring at the very painting that changed Western civilization’s art culture as we know it, and he or she wouldn’t take a peep. Your baby won’t be arguing or complaining about the various things he or she wants to do that day; your baby will need to eat and to sleep the same amount as he or she is used to at home.

Be Prepared…

There are several preparations you must do prior to taking your baby on a rollicking, adult-oriented adventure. You should make sure to check up on your baby’s vaccinations, and allow him or her to receive a valid check up from a doctor.

New territory means new germs; you want to make sure your baby’s immune system is a revving engine. Furthermore, it’s best to push the limits on your diaper bag. Bring about three bottles, as many diapers as you can stuff, and extra formula. You never know when you’ll be stuck somewhere in the realms of traveling; you don’t want your baby, so used to his or her feeding schedule, to suffer and feel weak because of your ill preparation. Also, remember to bring a bit of blue electric tape. No matter where you are, you’ll want to baby proof some outlets.

In the days before you had an infant, you could do whatever you wanted. You could stay out all night and run around all day. With your infant, your crazy traveling aspects must be tuned down a notch. Now, you can sleep only when your baby sleeps and you can eat only when your baby eats; your body will thank you in the long run.

Our 3 golden tips for baby’s first vacation:

  1. The smaller your baby, the more dependent he/she is. Be very prepared whilst traveling.
  2. Make sure your babies and toddlers are properly vaccinated.
  3. Pack as much extra diapers, formula and baby food as your luggage will allow.

From Traveling Together – The All-Inclusive Guide to Traveling and Vacationing With Children by FlyingKids

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