The 3 Keys to an Ultimate Family Vacation

General Getting Prepared

Family Vacation

Going on a family vacation? We believe that if you pay close attention to our 3-key formula, your family vacation will not only be optimally planned, but optimally enjoyed as well. Set your expectations straight. Engage the entire family while you’re at it. And prepare for the ideal vacation.

Family Vacation Expectations

Family Vacation

Help you ascertain where you will go and what you will do. Since you’re not traveling alone, it should be a given that the whole family needs to come together, and identify what they want from a vacation. Complete relaxation and beach fun, or lots of thrills and adrenaline rush? The more people there are in your family unit, the more ideas will spring up. The key is to discuss, talk and come up with a vacation that satiates everybody’s expectations. To that end, we have developed a questionnaire to help you come up with a vacation spot that will keep the whole bunch happy.


Family Vacation

Preparations are the stepping stone for any vacation. Thanks to the internet, preparations are now not only a breeze, but loads of fun too. And in the process of setting up the perfect vacation, you get to book travel and accommodation giving yourself the much needed safety net once you set out to capture a new domain, a new territory, a new city. The better prepared you are, the more you’ll be able to relax on vacations. Your preparations must also include a budget, an expected list of expenses, and an itinerary to help you cover all the must-sees and must-dos! You must also be prepared for the unexpected. This is especially importance with children in tow.


Family Vacation

Engagement is a useful quotient to pump up everybody. Lest your teenager or young, observant child feels left out during the planning process, give them a prominent task while you’re prepping. You’ve talked about expectations. You’ve decided where you want to be. You’ve made all the preparations. Now get everybody geared up and ready to go. And what better way to do it than to engage with the culture you’re headed towards, while you’re still at home. This keeps the culture shock to a minimum and the excitement barometer to a maximum. You and the kids could learn some of the foreign language, some of the customs and traditions, maybe stumble upon an exciting festival taking place…you’ve now never been more ready to set the ball rolling! How about finding more useful advice and great ideas for travelling with kids?

From: “Traveling Together – The All-Inclusive Guide to Traveling and Vacationing With Children” ebook available in Amazon

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