Red Rock Canyon

Destinations Las Vegas USA & Canada

Just 25 km outside Las Vegas, there is a scenic place, where the kids will feel free and happy. They can explore the desert and sandstone landscape, follow the interpretative trails available, enjoy a bike tour or a picnic. This is a good opportunity to learn about plants, animals and rock formations in the area, while enjoying a beautiful natural environment, with fantastic views.

The Red Rock Visitors Center is also a great stopping point, exhibiting in its four sections tremendous information about the place history, geography and biology. And the children will certainly want to take a peak at Mojave Max, the great desert tortoise – symbol of the Center.

Things you need to know when taking the kids:

  • There are wild animals in the area, so keep up the marked paths and follow the instructions given at tourists information centers;
  • Place is opened for the whole year, but due to wild landscape we suggest to check the weather in advance;
  • Red Rock Canyon is a great experience for the whole family, but children should be at least 5-6 years old; we do not suggest it for babies and toddlers;
  • Especially if you are visiting in summertime, make sure you have some water with you, you keep your head covered and wear sunscreen protection, as the temperatures can get really high and the sun brights fully;
  • Adequate equipment is highly recommended.

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