What do your kids know about the USA?

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You are spending a lot of time and money in the hopes that this family vacation will be pleasant and fun. You would like your children to learn a little about the country you visit—its geography, history, unique culture, traditions, and more. And you hope they will always remember the trip as a very special experience.

The reality is often quite different. Parents find themselves frustrated as they struggle to convince their kids to join a tour or visit a landmark, while the kids just want to stay in and watch TV. On the road, the children are glued to their mobile devices instead of enjoying the new sights and scenery—or they complain and constantly ask, “When are we going to get there?” Many parents are disappointed after they return home and discover that their kids don’t remember much about the trip and the new things they learned.

That’s exactly why Kids’ Travel Guide – USA was created. With Kids’ Travel Guide – USA, young children become researchers and active participants in the trip. They learn fun facts about history and culture; they play games and take quizzes. This helps kids—and parents—enjoy the trip a lot more!

How does it work?

A family trip is fun. But difficulties can arise when children are not in their natural environment. Kids’ Travel Guide – USA takes this into account and supports children as they get ready for the trip, visit new places, learn new things, and finally, return home. The Kids’ Travel Guide – USA does this by helping children to prepare for the trip and know what to expect.

During the trip, kids will read relevant facts about the United States and get advice on how to adapt to new situations. Kids’ Travel Guide – USA includes puzzles, tasks to complete, useful tips, and other recommendations along the way. All of this encourages children to experiment, explore, and be more involved in the family’s activities—as well as to learn new information and make memories throughout the trip. In addition, kids are asked to document and write about their experiences during the trip, so that when you return home, they will have a memoir that will be fun to look at and reread again and again.

Kids’ Travel Guide – USA offers general information about the USA, so it is useful regardless of the city or part of the country you plan to visit. It includes basic geography; flags, symbols and coins; basic history; and colorful facts about culture and customs in the United States.

If you are traveling to the US you may also want to get the cities series which includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, Washington, DC, and more.

Ready for a new experience? Have a nice trip and have fun!


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