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The large and varied USA is brimming with well-known sights and landmarks.  It is likely that you will head to several of these when on holiday with your children … they are well-worth the visit!  Your kids (and possibly you as well!) can finally see places that they already know from the pages of books and from the television screen and movies.  Although they may think they are familiar with them, nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing them in real life, up close and personal.

Here are some of the most iconic landmarks to enjoy on your family vacation around the USA:

Statue of Liberty, New York

Statue of Liberty - US landmarks

Standing proud and tall on Liberty Island, the famous Statue of Liberty also once served as a lighthouse, guiding ships into the harbour.  One of the city’s most popular tourist attractions today, you can admire the impressive and imposing statue from the water and also head up to the crown for some incredible (albeit dizzying!) views out over the surrounding area.  Did you know that the statue was originally a gift to the USA from France?

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Gaping and plunging, dramatic and yawning, awesome and thrilling, there are many words to describe the magnificent Grand Canyon, yet none can manage to quite convey the total awesomeness of this wondrous natural feature.  Hike around the edges or journey down into the deep chasms and crevices, take a pleasure flight and admire a bird’s eye view of the mighty canyon, or take a deep breath and step out onto the daring glass walk of faith … there are so many ways to enjoy the famous Grand Canyon.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore - US landmarks

The large and looming faces of former US presidents is an impressive sight to see.  Carved into the granite rocks, the details are incredible.  Created between the 1920s and 1930s, it is one of the USA’s most recognisable mountains.  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the stunning great outdoors too in nearby areas.

Golden Gate Bridge, California

An engineering delight, did you know that this distinctive bridge was never originally intended to be painted in its famous red colour?  A major San Francisco landmark, walk up onto the bridge to admire the sweeping views or take a ride across from one side to the other.  However you experience the bridge your kids are sure to love it.

Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania

Liberty Bell - US landmarks

An important symbol of the USA achieving independence, you will find the large Liberty Bell in the large and lively city of Philadelphia.  There is lots of interesting information about the fight for independence and the importance of liberties and freedoms within society.  It is a great place for kids who enjoy learning more about the past.

Cog Railway, New Hampshire

Take the kids on a ride on the quaint and novel Cog Railway, located on the slopes of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.  One of the steepest railway tracks in the world, you are all sure to have a thrilling time!   It was the first cog railway to climb a mountain in the whole world.

What are your favourite landmarks from around the USA?

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