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Home of great American symbols, nowadays Washington D.C. is much more than a political center, but a great metropolis opening infinite perspectives to travelers of all ages and preferences. Whether you are a sports fan or an arts admirer, whether you want to learn or have fun, no matter the time of the year – Washington D.C. is for certain a must-see place and an experience to be remembered.

5 Reasons Why to Take the Kids With You to Washington D.C.:

  1. Capital of U.S.A. and centre of the Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court – thus a major reference point for children to learn a little history and get “in touch” with it;
  2. Home of the Smithsonian Museums, offering free access to high education and entertainment places;
  3. Great outdoor and indoor attractions that will meet all preferences, no matter if you are traveling with a baby, toddler or teenager;
  4. From fancy, famous restaurants to smaller places, known by locals and taxi-drivers, Washington D.C. welcomes you with kids-friendly menus and atmosphere;
  5. Affordable, easy-accessible public transportation in the city and its surroundings.

Our 2 Top Recommendations:

Rock Creek Park

Fall in Washington DC Rock Creek park

Fall in Washington DC Rock Creek park

Located north-west to Washington D.C., Rock Creek Park is one of the oldest US National Parks and a must-choose for a day (or two) of outdoor experiences with your whole family. Together with the other facilities and areas it administrates, it covers over 2,000 acres of wild life and natural beauty.

There are plenty attractions and activities for you to choose, according to your children’s ages and family affinities, from hiking or bicycling, to Ranger camps, visits to the Nature Center and Planetarium, horseback explorations of the park, or lake tours with small sailboats, rowing boats or even water bicycles.

Important to Know When You Are Taking the Kids:

  • Most of the attractions are have a daylight schedule, but special programs and camps are sometimes organized in other timeframes;
  • There is free admission to the Park and majority of visiting places;
  • Picnics are allowed, but under strict regulations, available on the website;
  • Although there are trails accessible for strollers, we only recommend the place for kids aged 5-6 and up.


Washington National Zoo


Located within the Rock Creek National Park, right in the center of Washington D.C., and part of the Smithsonian’s, the National Zoo opens its gates 364 days each year to children of all ages and their parents.

Since 1889, when it was officially recognized by the Congress, National Zoo carried on with its goal to provide high quality education and great experiences for visitors, while helping care, preserve and sustain animal life on Earth.

Around 20% of the animals here are threatened species, such as the giant pandas (stars of the place) or the American bison. The National Zoo offers visitors both permanent exhibits, such as Amazonia, Great Cats, Bird House, Elephant Trails, Lemur Island, etc., as well as a great number of programs where children (and sometimes parents) can get in real contact with the animal world, learning to help and to respect it.

Important to Know When You Are Taking the Kids:

  • There are no admission charges;
  • Although the terrain is not a plain one, there are paths and access ways for strollers;
  • Take a tour with the Speedwell Conservation Carousel, a great chance to combine entertainment with learning, by meeting with more than 50 endangered species, nicely carved and painted;
  • Check the website for special programs scheduled for the time when you will be visiting.


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