Best San Francisco Beaches to Enjoy with the Kids

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San Francisco is a major city in California that is often referred to as the land of fog and fabulousness.  Home to a diverse population, it is a well-known tourist spot in the USA, popular with couples, solo adventurers, friends, and families.

There is loads of delicious food to tempt your little ones and the city is known for its friendly population, laid-back vibe, interesting Victorian sculptures, historic beauty, hills, and much more as well!

Another special highlight of this city is the huge number of beaches that offer breathtaking views, inviting sands, rolling waves, and a fresh and cool breeze.  They are simply perfect for long walks and beachy day outs!

Here are some of San Francisco’s finest beaches:

Ocean Beach


Ocean Beach is one of the most impressive beaches of San Francisco.  Stretching along the western edge of the city it is long and pretty – and, there is plenty of space for the kids to run and play!  As well as the flat expanse of sand, this is one of the best beaches for long coastal walks.  Surfing is also possible on the waves.

Baker Beach

Baker Beach offers a marvelous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. There are lots of cafes in nearby areas to sit and have a delightful meal, great for if your kids start to feel hungry or thirsty.  If your children enjoy taking part in a variety of beach sports, such as volleyball or Frisbee, this beach is ideal.  You can also all watch in awe the stunts of daring kite surfers as they hit the ocean and make it look effortless.

China Beach


China Beach is one of the safest beaches for families in San Francisco.  Kids can paddle, frolic, and play in the shallow waters, with lifeguards patrolling the area and keeping a watchful eye out in the summer months.  Bring your own food and cook up a yummy barbecue for the whole family to enjoy.

Bolinas Beach

A beautiful beach just outside San Francisco, the quiet atmosphere makes it a firm favourite with families that prefer a bit of solitude.  Although it takes some effort to reach, the journey will be well worth it if your family loves to sunbathe and play with few other visitors around.

Lands End

Lands End

This is one of the lesser-visited beaches of the city.  It is a somewhat remote and hidden beach that is located to the west of Lincoln Park.  A steep trail will take you to this beautiful and breathtaking beach.  Be area though that this can be quite challenging for younger children.  If you want to enjoy hiking and sunbathing all at once, this is just the right place to be!

Ready for the sun-kissed beaches of San Francisco?  Go try these out and don’t forget to share you experiences with us!  Are there any other beaches in San Francisco that your family especially loved?  Let us know in the comments below.

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