Queen’s County Farm Museum

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The farm (now farm museum) dates all the way back to 1697. There are buildings to tour, livestock to pet, working displays and hands on activities from back in the day, antique farm vehicles, and a host of educational programs. The website has a calendar you can check for upcoming events.

This 47-acre farm is the last farming tract still remaining in New York City. It is fun to see how this fully operating farm is plopped down in the city. Use this excursion on a day when the kids need to run free and release some energy.

Hours (summer and spring):
Free Farmhouse tours: Every Saturday and Sunday from 11-4
Hay rides: Every Saturday and Sunday from 11-4
Farmer-Lead Tours: First Saturday of the month at 2 pm

Important Things to Know When Taking the Kids

  • Some children are allergic to certain plantings and animals, make sure your babies do not have such allergies
  • The farm is functional, and there will be loud equipment around, warn the kids
  • There are plenty of running and playing spaces
  • It is a perfect picnic spot

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