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Paris embraces children and there are simply thousands of things to do in the City of Lights!

Just make sure to wear your walking shoes and bring your camera! You can stroll along the scenic avenues, visit an art museum, or take in a show.

The cuisine is to die for and the city and citizens love all children!

5 Reasons Why to Take the Kids with you to Paris:

  1. The historical offerings for young people is astounding
  2. The art, the art, the art
  3. Parisian children go everywhere with their parents, so most venues are structured and accommodated for families
  4. The cuisine is to die for and your children will love the pastries
  5. There are many free or discounted attractions Time spent in Paris with your family will be magical.

The city is full of history, art, fine foods, and is simply gorgeous to behold. Book your travel plans for Paris today! Oui, Oui!

Things You Need to Know When Getting Ready to Travel to Paris:

  1. Stay in the city, for the full effect, but expect to pay premium prices. The money spent is well worth it.
  2. Some of the avenues and walk areas are quite old and narrow, the stroller may not fit or the ride may be bumpy.
  3. Use the public city transportation, RAFT. It is quite user friendly and affordable. You can get your passes at
  4. Check the museums for children’s programs, many are offered.
  5. November to February is the rainy season. Paris will involve a lot of walking and doing it in the rain might be uncomfortable for the kids. Bring a rain jacket.


Our 7 Top Recommendations:

Parc Asterix

Located in the middle of Paris, Parc Asterix offers twenty-five different attractions, with ten designed specifically for those kiddies under the age of six. There are water rides, roller coasters, and a rocking galley to name just a few of the choices.

But wait; there are also entertaining shows for the family such as the Dolphin show, an art thief interactive game, and a Roman soldier arena show. If you book online and at least seven days early, you can get a tremendous discount. There are also combined hotel and Parc Asterix deals offered online. Visit to peruse the offerings.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • The parc is large, insist on water breaks
  • Because the parc is large, keep an eye on the kids
  • There are benches and shaded spots for resting
  • Do not put your feet in the water, the local denizens frown upon that


Luxembourg Gardens


Luxembourg Gardens, the magnificent Parisian park with green areas, architectural floral arrangements, statues, monuments and the large octagonal water basin, can easily become your favorite spot in France capital.

Created at the beginning of the 17th century by Queen Marie de Medici, Luxembourg Palace and Gardens offer relaxing and entertainment, sports and learning in the 22.5 hectares area. Unique collections of plants, over 100 statues, playgrounds, open-air concerts and shows, pony rides, the old-traditional carousel – here you will find something for all ages.

The Luxembourg Palace today hosts the France Senate and art collections.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Free admission to the park;
  • You can plan the visit to Luxembourg Gardens for a full day; don’t worry, you will not get bored!
  • Children can sail model boats in the large fountain, usually among playing ducks;
  • The dedicated fenced playground has an entrance fee, but there are so many attractions inside that it will worth it;
  • Don’t worry if it is cloudy, you will enjoy it as much as in sunny days.


Musee Carnavalet

In Paris, state owned and operated museums and collection holding venues are free if you are under the age of 18 and additionally, there are museums which also offer free admittance for parents. Musee Carnavalet is one of these discounted venues. However, the exhibit schedule changes daily, so check the schedule online before going.
Some of the things you and your family might see are model guillotines, historically dressed guides and hosts, catacombs, Neolithic canoes, and Napoleon’s canoe. At times, there are hand-on drawing activities, arts and crafts fun, and treasure hunt adventures. Plan on spending three or four hours at Musee Carnavalet. The hours of operation fluctuate also, so check ahead online.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • This involves much walking, but inside a building, you can bring the stroller the paths are wide enough
  • Talk to the children about museum etiquette
  • There will be children activities
  • This is an interactive history lesson that your children will never forget
  • The hours fluctuate like crazy, let your concierge or tour guide help you with getting tickets


The Eiffel Tower


You cannot visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, and it is more children friendly than you may think. There is a Children’s Tower! The younger children can stay with one parent and play a treasure hunt game with the mascot, Gus. Gus will provide a book with twelve topics relating to the Tower. There are clues and there are fun quizzes.

The other parent can take the older children all the way up to the most famous panoramic view in the world! For 120 years, people have traveled to Paris and explored this iconic beauty. It is projected that seven million people a year, go to see the Eiffel Tower that stands 984 feet. And a total of 250 million people have visited this iconic beauty. Buy your tickets online ahead of time. And there will still be a line to go up the Tower, so be patient and bring snacks and toys for the kids.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Discuss the height with the younger children
  • The Eiffel Tower is open every day of the year. But the hours of operation fluctuate
  • There is always a very long line for admittance
  • Make sure to buy your tickets on line and early
  • Adults cost: $ 31.00
  • Youth (12-24) cost: $ 28.00
  • Children 12 to age 4 cost: $ 23.00
  • Under age 4 cost: Free


La Maison des Contes et des Histoires

This magical playhouse can entertain children of all ages. The adults can have a pretty good time, as well. It even has activities for babies as young as six months. Do not worry, though, there are fun things to do for the older children, as well. There are storytelling sessions, theater workshops appropriate for all ages, traveling exhibits, and plays.

The prices are going to vary depending upon what activities you and your family select to participate in while you are visiting. Register ahead online so that you can get the correct times of your choices, secure a seat, and know pay for the tickets! Remember, the time you spend at La Maison des Contes et des Histoires depends on the entertainment you choose to participate in; you could be there for anywhere form an hour to several hours. Culture for the children has never been better.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Every member of the family will have fun
  • Prices and times vary greatly
  • Discuss theater etiquette with the kids
  • It is a small venue, buy early or you may be disappointed and locked out of tickets


Jardin des Tuileries


After your adult trip to the Louvre, it will be time to let the kiddies run and play. This lovely garden is directly in front of the Louvre on a long verdant area. There are beautiful blue fountains and pools.

Your children can rent toy boats and navigate them around the pools. They can buy treats and pastries and then run to play on the artistically pleasing playground. And there is a beautiful carousel for the family. The cost is minimal and would include the rental of the boats, the carousel ride, and any yummy treats you let the children indulge in for snacks. The garden was originally designed and created for Louis XIV. You will ass historical statues and monuments as you explore Jardin des Tuileires, so the kids are fully immersed in a history lesson and they do not even know it!

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Plan this for after the Louvre when the kids are ready to burn off some steam
  • Wear hats and sunscreen and drink fluids
  • This fun can last hours and the cost is free or minimal depending on your activities
  • There are plenty of benches and shady spots for resting
  • Again, do not put your feet in the water, Parisians do not like it at all


Musée de la Magie


Located in the heart of historical Paris, within the larger Musée des Automates, this privately-owned museum, opened in 1993, is a warranty of a fun afternoon spent together with your family. It offers visitors a full journey into the world of magic, illusion and prestidigitation, including magic mirrors, optical impressions, secret boxes, posters advertising magic shows in the past, as well as public shows.

Musée de la Magie is a great opportunity for entertainment, as well as learning, as it gives historic information about the evolution of magic in different periods.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • The museum is opened just three afternoons each week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday);
  • Shows are in French language exclusively, yet making a coin appear from nowhere is an universal language; kids will surely enjoy;
  • There are combined tickets if you want to visit Musée des Automates also

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