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Traveling with kids: How to keep it fun and still have time to relax

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How do you ensure that your kids are having fun on your family trip and still get a few relaxing moments for you? Is that even possible? From the m...

Different London Tours for Kids’ Fun

London is an exciting city for kids and grownups alike, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially for children.  A good way to see many of the main sights, get a feel for the city, get orientated a bit, and also ease the family into the holiday is to take one of […]

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Interview with 1Dad1Kid.com

1Dad1Kid.com is a brilliantly informative and engaging site that details the adventures of Talon and his young son, Tigger.  Rather than settling in one place and taking holidays, they made the huge decision to spend their life travelling the world together!  They set off in May 2011 when Tigger was nine years old and they’ve been […]

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