5 Tips on travelling long distances with kids in a campervan

campervan long distance travel RV travel with kids traveling in the usa

A road trip in a campervan with your kids can be one of the most memorable ways to explore the USA and is a fantastic way to create lasting memories. Flexibility is the key to traveling with children in general, no matter their age.

Being on the road for a long amount of time is not always easy. You may find sleeping in confined spaces and making do with communal amenities at campgrounds to be stressful at times.

Check out our 5 golden tips for a stress-free RV road trip with kids… 

  • Pre-book campsitesit is worthwhile to pre-book campsites on your planned route. Look for those with amenities — you’ll be thankful for that warm shower, especially for the kids.  There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite to find out they don’t have space and to then be searching for another in the dark.
  • Break up lengthy journeys with more family-friendly campsites with pools and playgrounds so kids can make friends and enjoy playtime.
  • NaptimeWhen traveling, plan with your kids in mind and travel around their nap time if possible. 
  • Breaks every two or three hoursBe sure to schedule in snack and toilet breaks every three hours or so. Save treats like candy or their favorite drink until the later part of the journey, when you truly need saving.
  • Keep a van journal where kids can record their favorite memories before bed. It will make a great keepsake later on for you all. 

Plan ahead and keep your head even under stress, and you’ll manage to make some amazing memories out of this trip around the USA.

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