4 Sanity Saving Tips for Skiing Families

family skiing Ski Skiing Families

Hitting the slopes with your kids can be a great way to relax and enjoy some special time together doing something active and fun.

Here are 4 sanity-saving tips to make your next skiing trip the memorable experience you WANT it to be.

Let us help you plan a successful family skiing holiday this winter.

Tip one - It should always be fun

With little kids, it is important to make spending time in the snow an enjoyable experience and not a forced one. Whilst kids can start skiing at 3 years old, do keep in mind that they can only manage an hour or two each day max. Push them longer and the experience may sour. You want your kids begging to go back the next day, not crying because they don’t want to go. Take care never to let your kids get too cold, as children won't enjoy skiing if they are cold. Consider a ski trip at the end or start of the season when the temperatures may be a little warmer.

Tip two - Pack like a pro

Make sure your kids try on their ski gear and wear them around the house before you go. Double-check that everything fits well and fastens up as required. Make sure to pack double the number of socks and gloves that you think you will need too. There is nothing worse than cold wet fingers or toes.

Tip three - Book accommodation as close to the ski fields as possible

Skiing with kids is unpredictable and tiring. Having a place to rest that is close to the mountains is a luxury worth spending on. It will allow you to give the kids a nap at lunchtime and be the first and the last on the mountain, since you do not need to negotiate a long commute home like many others.

Tip Four: Invest in ski school

Unless you are an expert skier, and an expert instructor chances are pretty good you aren’t the person to teach your own kids’ proper technique. Investing in a fun ski school will set your kids off on the right foot and make skiing a fun experience that they can do with other children too. If you plan to put your child in ski school, many ski fields include their lift ticket and  ski rentals bundled into the cost of the ski school – so it really works out a great deal too.


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