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Rome has a vast and rich history, but sometimes exploring the museums, art galleries, and historical structures can be too conforming for the children. Do not worry; we have fun and exciting historical adventures for the family to participate in while in Rome. Afterwards, you can sample some fine Italian cuisine and when the kids go to bed, sip on a fine red Italian wine.

5 Reasons Why to Take the Kids With You to Rome:

  1. Italians love bambini and cater to them
  2. A large number of the restaurants are family friendly
  3. The history of Italy is important to your children and you can offer it to them in fun fashion in Rome
  4. There are many free and discounted attractions
  5. There are plenty of open areas that graciously accommodate children

Things You Need to Know When Getting Ready to Travel to Rome

  • Use the Rome Metro; it is cheaper and timelier than the city buses. Go to to get discounted passes.
  • Summers are quite warm; bring light cotton clothes, a hat, and comfortable shoe choices.
  • Dress respectfully when entering the cathedrals, sun dresses and shorts are not recommended. Throw a shawl in your bag in case you need a quick cover up.
  • Keep a close eye on your purse and the baby bag; be vigilant for pickpockets who happen to love large tourist areas.
  • Not all the paths and walkways will accommodate a stroller and there are not too many stroller-parking arenas. There are also some hilly areas that are certainly not stroller friendly. Prepare to carry the baby on occasion, so invest in a good baby sling or carrier.


Our 6 Top Recommendations:

Gladiator School

You and your family can strap on your gladiator gear, sword, and tunic and for less than $ 80.00 each and learn the ways of the Roman fighters of the past. The adventure will take place for about two hours. It is completely appropriate for children aged five and up and it is completely safe.

The Historic Group of Rome leads the lessons and every member gets a certificate of participation. The winner gets a very special prize. Located a mile and a half from the real Colosseum at the Gladiator School Museum entrance, you can book on line and see available dates at the website!

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • The cost is $ 75.00 per participant
  • Not recommended for toddlers, but children aged five and up
  • Toddlers would love watching siblings play
  • This requires a lot of physical activity in the heat, hydrate properly
  • This is an interactive history lesson


The Colosseum

Rome_dreamstime_xs_23387808 (1)_0

Once you have played at being a gladiator, now is the time to go see the Colosseum. The ruins cover six acres, so wear closed toed shoes that are very comfortable. Emperor Vespasian commissioned the Colosseum in AD 72. You can opt for a tour or you can wander around on you own. You can view the Colosseum, the underground, and the third ring. Additionally there are various traveling special events held at the Rome attraction. You can also learn about the world of gladiators and rulers via video or audio guide.

Cost and Hours

There is a plethora of ticket pricing options. Buy online to make sure you get admission for what you want. At that same page, you will find the various hours of opening and closing. There are actually six different sets of hours of operation depending on the day and/or month.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Ticket prices vary greatly
  • You will be walking in the sun, bring water for everyone
  • Even the small children will love the site, this is an interactive and fun history lesson
  • The paths are rough and crumbling at times, wear closed toed shoes and leave the stroller at the hotel


The Vatican


How much of the Vatican you chose to see probably depends on the age of your children and their maturity level. But you cannot see Rome without standing in St. Peter’s Square and looking up at the statues of the Colonnade Saints. The Basilica and the tombs are must see’s also. And the artwork of such artists as Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Raphael cannot be missed. And your kids will have a giggle upon first seeing the Swiss Guards.

If you are Catholic, check out the mass schedules, so you can attend a service. Holy Holiday Masses will be crowded, so keep that in mind if you plan to attend then.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

Possible Tour Options:

  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • Hidden Vatican Museums: Chapel of Nicholas V; Bramante Staircase; the Cabinet of Masks
  • Vatican Gardens
  • Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo: Barberini Garden
  • Vatican Museums and Basilica of Saint Peter
  • Vatican Museums and Basilica of Saint Peter – Art & Faith
  • Vatican Historical Museum
  • Archaeological sites: Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis; San Giovanni Excavations
  • A full tour will cost $ 66.00
  • Combined costs will be calculated when you schedule them online
  • The Vatican is huge and you will want to set aside an entire day
  • Wear walking shoes


Janiculum Hill

ROME ITALY - MARCH 11 2014: Nuns sit on a bench on the Janiculum hill Rome overview in the background

ROME ITALY – MARCH 11 2014: Nuns sit on a bench on the Janiculum hill Rome overview in the background

Pack a lunch and put your hiking shoes on to hike the second largest hill in Ancient Rome. From the top of the hill you can see all of Rome and its beauty. There is a war memorial statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi at the top. Spread out your blanket and enjoy the historic Roman hillside. On occasion, and ask the locals about this, one of Rome’s most famous puppet companies likes to perform at Janiculum Hill. The open-air theatre features a lovely little puppet known as Pulcinella. He is one funny guy. The Italians are known for their finely crafted wooden puppets that are
artistically and realistically painted. The locals love this spot, and if you really want to know about a place you visit; get to know the locals.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • This is a climb requiring physical exertion and hydration for the whole family
  • The puppet show cost will vary and may even involve the passing of the hat
  • Tell your concierge you want to attend a puppet show, they are not always widely advertised, but he can keep you in the loop

Rome, a family friendly destination, has it all except for you. Book your flight and begin to make magical memories with your family in beautiful Rome.

The Pantheon


When you say Rome, you think about few main attractions: Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi and, without a doubt, the Pantheon. Perhaps kids are not great fans of visiting temples, but the Pantheon is a must-see because it is an architectonical masterpiece, the largest unreinforced concrete dome even known about mankind.

This circular temple is also the most well preserved building from Ancient Rome and it impresses until today because of its perfect proportions. The only source of light is the large whole in the dome, called oculus, always opened. No matter the time of the year when you will be visiting it, your children will love it – they can see the sun rays coming down through it, the rain drops or the snow flakes. The image is just impressive!

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • It is an easy-to-reach attraction, with free admission;
  • You can visit Pantheon even with stroller, there are access ways and it is not as crowded as you might imagine;
  • The fountain in the square in front of the temple has cool fresh water if you need a refill;
  • Delight your kids (and yourself) with a cup of ice-cream – there are hundreds of options nearby.


Explora – Children’s Museum


Opened in 2001, Explora is the first Italian privately-owned non-profit children’s museum, created with the aim of offering children great learning experiences. It includes a large variety of exhibition rooms, each one creating an easy-to-understand approach on science, technology, culture.

All your kids’ senses are put to a test, developing their imagination and challenging them to discover the surrounding world, near and far, tangible and intangible.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • Museum is full of challenging experiences for children, so take the time to make a tour there
  • There are exhibits appropriate for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens
  • The website is very well structured and completely translated in English
  • To avoid crowds and lines children will most definitely hate, use the online booking option
  • Explora operates a ‘timed-ticketing’ system, with self-guided tours of the exhibition (tours of 1 hour and 45 minutes)

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