Holiday Problem Solving: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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Holidays should be nice and enjoyable not stressful or spent only in the hotel room. But sometimes things can turn to worse especially when you going away with young kids. Things like high fever or a broken leg can affect our day to day life anyways but imagine when it happens when going away.

So check out our tips on how to improvise when an enjoyable moment turn in not such an enjoyable moment!

Leave your itinerary a little loose in case bad weather rears its ugly head

Storms may swoop in when you plan on heading to the zoo for the afternoon. Be sure to have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in case of the unexpected, to allow your family to optimise their vacation experience.

Remember, however, that little children can not do as many activities as you can, on vacation. If you have a rainy day, you might find some time for a bit of rest in your hotel or apartment. Your children will need it; and you may need it more than you think.

Amuse yourself inside with room service or other in-house facilities like a pool, a gym or a children’s play club. After all, a vacation should leave time for rest and relaxation. Trotting isn’t the only component.


A sick kid on vacation

Be prepared prior to embarking. If you’re traveling to a different country, be sure to understand that your children’s normal medicines may not be found there. Bring plenty to spare in your undercarriage luggage.

For light fevers, look to something that will reduce the fever and keep your kids slow but moving. In case of an emergency, please remember to use the country’s emergency code number. Ask your hotel’s concierge for a local doctor’s number; always have your insurance cards ready.

Holiday Problem Solving: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

You are not happy with your hotel. What to do?

Be sure to check your hotel’s policy. Do they offer refunds for the days you plan on not staying there? Will you have to pay extra in order to check-out early? When asking questions at your hotel’s front desk, be sure to be as courteous as possible. You are asking them to go out of their way for you to pay less to the hotel. Also, be sure to check if there is another hotel that you like, with the dates you require, available. Remember: your hotel stay does not have to take up the majority of your trip. If you hate your accommodations but can “tolerate” them, you can spend as much time outside the hotel as you like.

Remember: when unexpected occurrence stay positive. Things go wrong on vacation.

Your car might break down on the way to the hotel, you may get caught in the world’s greatest traffic jam, or your youngest might throw up all over your new coat. You are a parent.

Innovation and improvisation are a part of your life. You want your vacation to be an escape from your real life, but you aren’t escaping the requirements of parenting. Care for your children in all manners first. Improvise to make them comfortable and safe. When everything falls into place, head to the museum. (Promise ice cream for afterwards.)

Click away! Avoid fake smiles some of the times.

The posed picture of your family in front of the great gothic castle in Europe may be the one you choose for your mantel. But it doesn’t capture the true feeling of your vacation.

Be sure to take as many “action” shots of your family as possible: your child riding the horse at the park and laughing, your spouse mid-spaghetti bite…

These are natural moments that encapsulate the beauty of your vacation together; they also position the members of your family engaging with the culture around them.

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