Musée de la Magie

Adorable child dress of illusionist with hat and red curtains of background

Located in the heart of historical Paris, within the larger Musée des Automates, this privately-owned museum, opened in 1993, is a warranty of a fun afternoon spent together with your family. It offers visitors a full journey into the world of magic, illusion and prestidigitation, including magic mirrors, optical impressions, secret boxes, posters advertising magic shows in the past, as well as public shows.

Musée de la Magie is a great opportunity for entertainment, as well as learning, as it gives historic information about the evolution of magic in different periods.

Things you need to know when taking the kids:

  • The museum is opened just three afternoons each week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday);
  • Shows are in French language exclusively, yet making a coin appear from nowhere is an universal language; kids will surely enjoy;
  • There are combined tickets if you want to visit Musée des Automates also.

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