KIDS’ TRAVEL GUIDE – ITALY: A Journey into the Italian Cuisine

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When planning a trip to a new location, giving your children the chance to experience as much as possible is always on your list. You want the whole family to relax and have fun, but you also consider the educational part. But, let’s be honest, because of the pressure of organizing everything and constant concerns about their well-being, most of the times you end up with no time or mood to offer them the information they need.

The “Kids’ Travel Guide” series has been designed especially for children, to cover their needs and become a close friend for them to travel with. And if your next destination is Italy, there are three books to consider: Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy, Kids’ Travel Guide – ItalyRome and Kids’ Travel Guide – Rome.

The series includes various basic information about the history, geography or culture, all assorted in various kids-attractive games, quizzes, “did you know that …?” formulas. But let’s take a look inside…


As we all know, food is a defining feature of every nation/ place and we should try to enrich our children’s experiences with all the new flavors and spices and cooking techniques that each cuisine is famous for. Probably everyone knows that Italy is related to spaghetti, but do your kids know how many types of pasta Italians make? Or how they are made? Leonardo, the children’s personal guide and friend, will take them to a journey into the world of pasta, using games, fun activities and simple basic information.

This will not only help them understand and remember basic information, but give them the curiosity to discover more, thus achieving the goals of your trip – learn and have fun. You can have the full version from here.

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