Teenagers and Traveling – From our “TRAVELING TOGETHER” Guide

Family portrait of Caucasian mid-adult man and woman with pre-teen girl and boy and male toddler, standing on porch.

Your teenager is well on his or her way to become an opinionated adult. And this is why it’s best to understand precisely what your specific teenager wants in a vacation. Keep your ways of communication incredibly open. Remember that your teenager can be moody and unresponsive. Allow him or her to open up and reveal their true expectations from their family vacation.

Once on the trot, be sure to give your teenager a bit of space in order to keep the peace. Your teenager might want to explore on his or her own; your teenager won’t always want to be answerable to you. Allow them a brief vacation from a vacation. Perhaps, allow them to see a movie or a play on their own, and most definitely, give them some pocket money to spend as they like. Nothing like teen spirit and the fresh odor of independence. Let your teenager grow.

To summarize:

  • Ask your teenagers what they expect from their vacation. Do take these revelations into account.
  • Give your teenagers some pocket money and some independence while on vacation.
  • Give them small chores. This will teach them responsibility.

As you can see, and probably know from your experience, each stage of your child(ren) life has its own characteristics. Our guide offers personalized advice and useful information for planning the perfect vacation for your entire family.

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