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Maybe some of you are great fans of camping with kids, as I am sure some of you prefer hotels and fancy locations. Nevertheless, I believe our children should get involved in as many and diverse experiences as possible. They should create their own preferences and skills, not be our shadows and copies. This is why my husband and I always do our best not to negatively influence them, when we don’t like something. Like camping…

Our oldest daughter kept asking us to spend a weekend camping, because he heard some colleagues in the nursery school doing this quite often. I must admit, I am not very fond of this type of activity; I don’t quite like the insects, the lack of your own bathroom amenities, and the “opportunity” of meeting a wild animal. Yet, I tried to overpass these prejudices and be open-minded to such an experience.

So, we packed a tent, clothes (for both warm and cold weather), some food and water, the first aid kit that I never miss, some outdoor toys and we jumped in the car heading the mountains. Again, I said it before and I must repeat myself, we are very lucky to have all land-forms just two-three hours’ drive from home.

Although the girls and my husband wanted a place as wild as possible, when camping with the kids, I preferred a location that combined the charm of the open space with the security, so we chose a camping few meters away from a chalet. The location was wonderful, with a lake, trees and – in the background – the peaks of the mountains, some still covered with snow although we were at the beginning of August. We agreed on the place to mount the tent, and as eager the girls were to see it done and start exploring the surroundings, as nervous I was thinking about the two coming days.

But I must admit I was impatient with no reason. Camping with the kids was quite unique and we enjoyed every single moment of it. My husband taught the kids to read various signs in the nature, to guide themselves using the moss on the trees bark or following the stars. Mixing fun and learning, we had the chance of spending some relaxing moments, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sounds of the nature. And judging by the girls’ attitude, maybe they will be more inclined to such adventures than I am.

Just one more piece of advice when camping with kids:

such wild experiences are – without doubt – very delightful, but your family’s safety comes first. Don’t get over excited when camping with kids, do not venture on unmarked paths, don’t eat plants or fruits or mushrooms unless you are 100% certain that they are edible, find some shelter in case of thunderstorm signs, ask for a guide if you are not familiar with this type of trip and the places you intent to camp.

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