Great Theme Parks around France to Enjoy with Your Kids

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Whether they’re into fast and thrilling rides, slower and more calming rides, entertaining shows, creative and eye-catching scenery, or fun games and activities, many kids love theme parks!  Most theme parks also have a good selection of things to keep the adults entertained too, and they can offer a tremendously fun day out for the whole family.

Most families planning a visit to France know about the large and exciting Disneyland Paris.  But what other theme parks would you think of taking your children to around the country?

Here are some ideas to help you plan for memorable day out:




Located close to Poitiers in the western central part of France, this is one of the country’s biggest theme parks.  There are attractions to suit people of all ages and kids and adults alike are sure to be impressed by the modern and futuristic buildings.  The theme is Moving Images, and you can all have an exciting adventure on the Time Machine, have fun exploring the ocean deep on Mission Hubble, and feel like a bird as you fly through the air on the Machines of Da Vinci.  Captivating shows like Lady O and the Kube Mysteries will entertain all, and there is a great selection of places to eat and drink around the large park.

Puy du Fou

Situated in Les Epesses in the Vendee region, Puy du Fou takes the whole family on a fabulous journey back through time.  The park sits at the heart of some splendidly scenic countryside so you can spend a few days enjoying the theme park and the nearby natural delights.  Attractions and activities really help you to feel as though you have been transported to a different time and place, with the mighty Roman Empire, the days of the fearsome Vikings, and the Medieval period amongst the eras covered.  Enjoy falconry displays, puppet shows, exciting jousting matches, rousing musicians, ballet and flamenco dancing, and more!  There are even evening shows complete with beautiful fireworks.  Between shows the kids can enjoy attractions like a maze and a magical mini castle, and you can all explore traditional olde-worlde villages and follow several great nature trails.

Parc Asterix


Based on a popular French children’s comic book hero, the charming Parc Asterix can be found close to the capital city of Paris.  It has lots of cool rides, especially exciting roller coasters, as well as several historical attractions.  All rides and attractions fit into the Asterix story, and your kids can have fun following the adventures of Asterix and his fellow village folk as they try to stop being invaded. The water rides are usually really popular with kids and you’ll find a variety of outlets to grab a drink and a bite to eat.


Sitting almost halfway between Lyon and Limoges in Auvergne, Vulcania is a fabulous volcano-themed park.  As well as being a top place for heaps of fun your kids will learn more about geology and geography, with cool explanations of how the earth was formed, how volcanoes work, etc.  Loads of interactive activities as well as rides, displays, and science experiments make this a huge hit with children.  Adults are sure to have a great time too!



Situated close to Caen, this is a great place for younger children.  It is especially lively during the summer months when visitors can enjoy several terrific performances and shows.  With a historical theme, take a voyage of discovery through the Medieval Ages, France’s golden era, the time of the Vikings, and more.  Children can enjoy the cinemas and castle as well as the brilliant rides, and you’ll find a good array of food and beverage outlets throughout the park.

Other favourite theme parks in France include the space age-like La Cite de l’Espace, the large Aqualand – Bassin d’Arcachon, Bagatelle, Parc St Paul, Walabi, and the dinosaur-mad Parc de Prehistoire de Bretagne.

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