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The Kids’ Travel Guide – UK is an invaluable tool for teaching your kids about many different aspects of the UK.  Educational, engaging, and stimulating, it encourages your children to use a range of skills though the varied activities and adds a lot more context and understanding to their trip.

Another huge bonus is that whilst the kids are busy reading and completing the diverse tasks, you can grab a cup of tea to enjoy in (relative) peace and quiet!  You can also use the colourful and interesting guide as a starting point for discussing your travels with your children, starting from before you even set foot out of your own front door!

Background information and pages on packing and geography help your children to understand a little bit more of what to expect when they visit this different country, and also help them to feel more involved in the planning process. Your kids will look forward to their vacation with eager anticipation and come home with much more than simply souvenirs and photographs. As well as building their knowledge it helps them to record their trip details and favourite aspects, thus acting as a travel journal and a terrific reminder of their excellent family holiday.

Four Countries

UK 1

Do your kids know that there are actually four countries within the larger UK?  The Kids’ Travel Guide – UK takes care to represent the history (juiciest bits designed to make kids pay attention, of course!), cuisine, people, and culture of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

They can also learn more about the respective capital cities of London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast, whilst understanding that London is the overall capital city of the UK.

And, for fun, your kids can even learn how to say “hello” in each traditional language!

Useful Information

Useful info

Using different money when abroad is usually a huge novelty for children, and the guide aims to help your little ones understand the UK’s currency.  Activities in this section have been designed so as to help kids practice their basic numeracy skills.

With top tips scattered throughout the book, your kids may even be able to teach you a few new things!

Other Information


fun info_0

Sporty children will love the page dedicated to sports and curious kids will almost certainly be captivated by the fun facts about the UK and the country’s special achievements.

The British Royal Family is explained in an easy-to-digest manner, and your kids are encouraged to look around and find examples of British culture.

Symbols and the flag are looked at; did you know that the motto at the bottom of the UK’s Coat of Arms is actually not written in English?  It is written in French!

Other cool stuff includes fun information about some common superstitions in the UK as well as idioms that are used a lot in speech.  Get your kids to try out a few of the idioms when they are talking with you about their trip!  Let’s just hope that it doesn’t rain cats and dogs whilst you are away!



The enjoyable activities help your kids to remember what they have learnt, are designed to be fun, and also encourage your kids to practice different skills.  As well as reading, there are sections where your children will be invited to write down details, and so practice their writing skills.  Colouring and drawing tasks appeal to their creative nature, whereas matching exercises, word searches, and gap fills test logic and comprehension.  Geography and borders are also covered.  As well as several mini quizzes throughout the book, your children can have heaps of fun with the super quiz at the end – all answers can be found on various pages of this delightful guide.

Available to buy now through Amazon, there really are so many reasons to pack a copy of the Kids’ Travel Guide – UK!

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