Exploramum and Explorason: Inspirational Travellers!

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We are often told that travelling with children is difficult.  We may hear that taking children abroad is a waste of money, harmful to their education, and a whole host of other reasons that try to persuade parents to wait until their kids are older to fulfill their travelling dreams and wishes.  But why?  Many parents are now showing the world that not only is travelling with children possible, but that is also lots of fun and can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all.

Whether you are debating taking a short vacation with your children or are thinking about packing up and taking a longer adventure, take a look at Exploramum and Explorason for inspiration.

Originally from Australia, Exploramum details her travels all over the globe with her young son.  They are an exploring duo, a tight-knit team, dedicated to not only seeing the world but also to making positive differences wherever they can.

The Beginning …

Exploramum has had a love for travelling ever since she was a child herself.  She has passed on this passion to her son, and the pair of them want to motivate other single parents and families to travel more and spend quality time together whilst learning on the road.

Leaving behind a business and a corporate job, the travelling twosome set off on their big trip in 2012.  Prior to that, they had taken numerous holidays together within Australia and also in the beautiful island country of Fiji.


Using their savings to travel, any penny, dollar, dime, or any other currency that you can think off, that is donated is fed back into helping people around the globe that are in need.  They combine their own desire to explore with anthropological ventures and helping out people less fortunate when they can.  Indeed, their starting point for this adventure was in their beloved Fiji – Explorason wanted to return with clothing, books, and toys to donate to local kids.

Exploramum describes their deeds as “Random Acts of Kindness”.  These have included supporting two deserted children in Fiji who had recently lost their father and distributing food to the homeless in Bolivia and Hollywood.


They visit off-the-beaten path destinations as well as the more popular tourist destinations.  They really do get a sense of the local culture and people.  House sitting and couch surfing also help them to integrate more into local communities.


With no firm plans in place, they travel wherever the road leads them.  Their adventures have, so far, taken them through numerous countries across the planet.  These include the USA, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt … and more!  For a detailed breakdown have a look at their travel map.


And, there are no worries about Explorason’s education.  Exploramum teaches him a variety of subjects whilst on the road and his exposure to a wide range of cultures, places, foods, languages, art, and architecture, not to mention learning more about budgeting and history, developing social skills, compassion, and understanding, and even more too, are helping to create a bright and intelligent young boy with more depth of knowledge than he could ever dream of acquiring in a traditional classroom setting.

If you are eager to know more, have a peek at their website.

You can also connect with this couple of kind livewires via Facebook.

Be inspired and see how travelling the world with your children can really change lives – theirs, yours, and other people that you meet.

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