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Bella Italia!  Beautiful Italy!  This European jewel offers so much for families, from vibrant cities that are packed with culture and history, stunning beaches, charming islands, gorgeous nature, world class shopping, and plenty more as well.  And don’t forget about the food!  Italian cuisine is usually a huge hit with younger visitors, after all, who can resist a cool gelato on a warm day?  Pack your copy of the Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy to teach your children even more about this gorgeous country.

Here are some top places to take the kids on holiday in Italy:


Ancient ruins and spectacular art provide lots of visual stimuli for curious little minds, and there are many museums where they can learn even more about Rome of the past.  There are loads of ways to make exploring Rome fun for kids – let them explore The Forum and Palatine Hill and gaze upon the vastness of the awesome Colosseum.  The whole family can marvel at the numerous religious sites in the Vatican and older kids can have gruesome shivers as they descend into the eerie catacombs.  The numerous pretty squares are often filled with eye-catching gems and attractive fountains.  One of the most well-known is the Trevi Fountain with its many decorative details.  It is easy to take a day out and enjoy a trip to the beach, and Rome has lots of open green spaces where kids can play and join in with a variety of activities.

Lake Garda

As well as being very picturesque and peaceful, Lake Garda is an ideal place for a family retreat.  Your kids can take to the water and have fun with a kayak or pedal boat, or alternatively, go on a sailing boat and let someone else do all the hard work while you all sit back and enjoy the views!  There are some nice sandy lake beaches that are ideal for the summer months.  Hop aboard the small train and visit the interesting Roman ruins out at the Grotte di Catullo and explore Scaligero Castle.


Many children are enthralled by the frozen-in-time streets of Pompeii, preserved by a deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  It is easy to imagine yourself back in the time when Pompeii was a thriving hub of activity and your kids will likely delight in exploring the maze-like streets and poking around in the ruins.  Look out for the old baths, ancient snack kiosk, tombs, temples, and mosaics.  Active kids might even enjoy the short hike to the top of Mount Vesuvius, where they can peer into the crater and see for kilometres in every direction.


Criss-crossed by canals and waterways, if your nerves can take being so close to so much water with children, Venice can be a great place for the kids!  Stroll across the numerous charming bridges, take the almost obligatory ride on a gondola, peer into ancient churches, take your kids to Murano and see how glass beads are made, treat them to a Venetian mask, feed the birds at San Marco Square, hit up the local lido beach, and stop by the interesting Peggy Guggenheim Collection.  Older kids may enjoy the ghost walks!


If you’re looking for beautiful beaches in Italy, the island of Sardinia is very difficult to beat.  But the beaches aren’t all that await you on this family-friendly island.  Your children can have fun exploring the highest sand dunes in the whole of Europe, watching the wild donkeys, posing for pictures with animal-shaped rocks, venturing inside the fascinating Neptune’s Caves, and riding the wonderful sight-seeing train through the mountains.  Other top things to do include a day at the water park and a visit to Sardinia Miniature.

There are so many choices in Italy.  You could spend a few weeks touring around and still not tire your kids out!  Naples, Florence, Tuscany, Milan … these are just a few more places that your kids might like in incredible Italy.

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