7 Tips for Taking the Kids to Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland makes for a fabulous day trip (or even a few days!) when spending time in Paris.  It’s an ideal place for giggles and laughter galore, and the varied selection of rides, shows, games, and other activities make it fun for people of all ages.  There are fast rides for the grownups and older kids and tamer rides for younger visitors.  And, of course, big and little kids usually love seeing all their favourite Disney characters and having their picture taken with them.

Even if you’ve been to Disneyland Paris before it is still a good place to re-visit.  As well as being able to enjoy all the favourites from a previous trip, kids are usually pleased to see that there is something new and exciting too.

There are two parks within the complex, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.  There is also Disney Village, which is geared towards shopping, dining, and entertainment.  There are plenty of places to eat and drink around the parks, as well as different themed hotels, spas … and more!  There is certainly plenty to keep you all busy!

We’ve put together some top tips to help you to make the most of your Disney adventures:

Look for Deals

A trip to Disneyland Paris can be quite pricey, but luckily there are usually various promotions and deals that can help you to slash the costs somewhat.  Having a bit of extra cash means that you can treat the family more, whether that’s with some souvenirs and mementoes to remind you all of your magical trip, a slap up meal, or otherwise.

Stay in a Disney Resort

If you are planning to spend a couple of days enjoying the parks, a stay in one of the Disney resorts is highly recommended.  Yes, it will bump up the cost of your trip.  But it will also save you time travelling to and from the area at the start and end of each day, meaning that your kids can spend more time actually enjoying the wonder of Disney.  It is possible to get into some parts early, before the main gates open, and your kids can also meet their favourite characters before the crowds arrive.  The hotels in themselves are part of the overall experience, and can really add something extra special to your trip.

Plan Ahead

Have a quick look at the park maps and make a note of any must-do attractions or must-see shows.  You can then plan an appropriate route making sure that you don’t miss out any of your family’s wish-list.  It also pays to check which rides have height restrictions, so that you can tell your kids beforehand what rides are suitable for them.

Fastpass Fun

If you hate standing around in queues (as most people do!), and don’t want to take your chances, a fastpass ticket can really help your day to tick long a lot smoother.  You can grab a ticket from machines that are dotted around the park, and return to the rides at an allocated time to jump the queues.  Conversely, remember that long queues sometimes don’t always mean long waiting times – some rides have really long carriages and so the lines go down quickly.

Take a Break

Even fun can become tiring at times!  Make sure that you plan plenty of rest stops.  There are loads of places to sit and take it easy, and you can sample a delicious range of global cuisine at the same time!  If you’re staying in one of the resorts, don’t be afraid to have a chilled out afternoon by the pool or having a cat nap – the kids will be happier for it in the long run!

Pick Your Parade Spot Wisely

The main parades are often a highlight for kids, and it would be a shame if they weren’t able to see so well.  Try and get to a good place along the parade route around an hour or so before the start time, as if you leave it until the last minute there is a good chance that shorter kids won’t be able to see over the sea of heads in front of them.  It can be difficult for kids just standing around waiting, especially when they know that there is so much other fun stuff going on.  If there are a few adults you can take turns taking the kids off for a little stroll whilst the others keep the place, treat everyone to an ice cream, have a little quiz about the day … there are many ways to keep your kids from feeling totally bored as they wait!  (These are also handy hints for when waiting in line for rides too.)

Leave the Best to Last

Unless you’re in the park super early, you might find that most of the popular rides have really long queues.  A lot of the crowds tend to vanish though after the main parade, so it really can work in your favour to stay later and enjoy these rides at the end of the day.

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