5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe

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Spring breaks make way to the best family bonding moments. And because kids are off from school, many families choose to travel abroad for a vacation. With over millions of visitors per year, Europe is one of the most visited countries in the world. Boasting with child-friendly restaurants, hotels and activities, you will never run out of opportunities to explore this amazing country with your kids.

If you’re heading to Europe this year, try not to miss the following family-friendly destinations:


Your European tour is incomplete without stopping by at its most popular city – London. With plenty of parks and playgrounds in every neighbourhood, the city hosts so many fun activities for children. You will find lots of museums too which will surely satisfy the curious minds of teens. While London is known for its high price tags, there are budget-friendly chain hotels near many beautiful spots.

5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe


Known for its scenic views and family-friendly hubs, Amsterdam makes an ideal destination for families. Your kids will surely have fun touring the city via boat or bicycle. Take them to Van Gogh museum for a one-of-a-kind ‘artistic’ experience (just be sure to book tickets ahead to avoid the long queue), and to Anne Frank House where they can peek through the horrors of war. And if you have extra time, pay a visit to Efteling – a popular theme park in Holland and best for under-8s. After a long day of exploring this beautiful city, treat your kids with mouthwatering Dutch food. Don’t worry if you have a picky eater, restaurants and coffee shops in Amsterdam always serve pancakes and chips.

5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe


Known for its fantastic cuisine, rich history, and breathtaking beauty, Rome will certainly make your spring break in Europe one of the best. It’s a crowd-pleasing destination for all ages, and certainly a must-visit for Roman Catholics. Begin your kids’ educational and fun-filled journey by taking them to the Colosseum and the Pantheon where they uncover the ancient history of the city, along with the kid-friendly museums and piazzas in the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to have a taste of gelatos, Italian pastries and Roman pizzas. They are to die for.

5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe


If you think Munich is solely for the beer-loving adults, think again. You should take your children to the Bavarian capital not for beer of course, but for the world’s famous handcrafted toys.

Munich is also the home to the world’s largest museum of science and technology – the Deutsches Museum. There are hundreds of things to see and experience in this museum. Got a Disney fan in your pack? Don’t forget to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle which was the inspiration to Sleeping Beauty’s pad.

5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe


This place might be known for its rowdy nightlife, but there are also many reasons why Barcelona is a great family destination. Take for example the impressive Gaudí’s artwork in Güell Park and the colorful street performances at Las Ramblas. Not to mention the unbeatable food, months of endless sunshine, and the fine stretch of beach where you can have an unforgettable family time.  

5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in Europe

Europe is a home to many family-friendly cities. This spring break, pack your clothes and get ready for an unforgettable family adventure!


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