5 Best Spring Breaks to Travel with Kids in US

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Spring ia a perfect time for families looking for affordable travel deals, smaller crowds, and a pleasant weather. What’s more, many travel destinations are best to visit during this season. From the Cherry Blossoms festival in Washington DC to balloon rides in Sonoma County and camping in Portland, there are plenty of fun places to travel with your kids this spring!

  • Watch Cherry Blossoms bloom in Washington DC

You need not travel to Japan right now just to experience the fun and colourful Cherry Blossoms Festival. The last few days of March to the first two weeks of April mark the peak bloom of cherry blossoms around Washington DC. The cherry trees on the Tidal Basin are the main attraction during the festival. You and your kids will surely be mesmerised by the breathtaking views. Don’t forget to bring your camera and let the kids enhance their photography skills.


  • Explore the sand and waves at Point Pleasant, New Jersey

An ideal spring break vacation destination for families with children, there’s plenty of things to do at this awesome place apart from swimming and sunbathing. Get involved in family-friendly games and rides, have some barbecues, steaks and pizza at the restaurants in Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, and get your kids acquainted with the penguins, seals, and sharks at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. You will never run out of fun family activities at Point Pleasant!

  • Eat, learn and enjoy at Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Whatever kind of adventure you’re after – whether maritime, cultural or culinary – you can find it all at Cape Ann. Give your kids a fun and education spring break through whale watching (where they learn about the different types of whales, their ecosystem and how to protect them) or take them out for a walk through history at the Gloucester Harbor where they learn about Gloucester’s history and contemporary culture.  Lastly, have an awesome gastronomic exploration at some of the finest restaurants in Cape Ann. They include Woodman’s, an award-winning seafood restaurant, and the Duckworth’s Bistrot which is known for their fresh, locally sourced, seasonal fare.

  • Enjoy balloon rides in Sonoma City

Sonoma County is gorgeous year-round, but it’s more special during the spring season where people can freely explore the green-golden outdoors. There are numerous parks where families can hike, bike, learn about the wildlife and its preservation, enjoy horseback riding, and more. Beach tours and water treks are available too! But the most anticipated family activity of all is the hot air balloon over Sonoma Wine Country. Take a  birds-eye view over the rolling hills, mountains, farms, and gardens.


  • Be amazed by the Tallest Waterfall in Portland

For the best of nature experience, take your kids to the tallest waterfall in Oregon. While you can view the beautiful Multnomah Falls from the highway, to check out the amazing view of the two-tiered falls in full length, you have to head to the carved-out opening in the rock face. For an even closer view, walk a several hundred feet up to the Benson Bridge. There’s a visitor centre and restaurant where your whole family can rest and dine after a fun yet exhausting walk.

Have you visited any of these top spring destinations already? What was the experience like? What other fun activities for the family at these places do you recommend? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to drop a comment below.


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