Top 10 Activities to Do with Kids this Spring

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Who doesn’t love spring? The weather’s much nicer and the kids are taking a break from school. What could be a much better time to go out and spend quality time with the family?

If you’re running out of ideas for spring family activities to try this year, the following list is a great way to start:

1.Go to the beach.

Topping the list of our top spring activities is going to the beach. Your kids love the beach as much as you do and just like most families out there, you’ve waited for a long time this year for a weather like this. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your swimming clothes and head off to the nearest beach. Just don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

Top 10 Activities to Do with Kids this Spring

2.Take a Bike Ride.

They probably can spend the whole day on their gadgets but if you give them the opportunity to explore the outdoors, they would trade their tablets to a bicycle. Just make sure your kids are wearing the right gears and helmet for safety.

3.Go camping.

Head to the nearest campsite in your area. Children love backpacking, eating smores and hotdogs, sleeping inside a tent, and waking up to nature’s beauty.

4.Go hiking.

Well, this should go with camping. Before you settle down in the campsite, take an easy trail that your kids can hike. After so many months spent in school and at home, it’s time to take them for a walk in the nature. Educate them about the wildlife and how to protect it.

5.Have a picnic.

Nothing beats spring picnic. Make sure to involve your kids in the preparation – making sandwiches and packing stuff. Prepare a list of activities or games to make your family picnic even more fun and memorable.

Top 10 Activities to Do with Kids this Spring

6.Engage in a water balloon fight.

You need not go far to make the best out of the spring season. In your backyard, fill up lots of balloons with water for an epic balloon fight. Be ready for a ton of giggles, fun and laughter.

7.Put together a scavenger hunt.

Love Easter egg hunt? You can do a similar activity, this time involving all sorts of treats and gifts for the lucky kiddos. Make a list of spring objects (rocks, pine cones, flowers, etc.) for your children to find. The best hunter gets a reward.

Top 10 Activities to Do with Kids this Spring


This spring season, reinforce the value of giving and kindness to your children. Register to a community service program in your area. Whether it’s a cleanup drive, a charity bake sale, or some wildlife conservation project, your kids will surely find joy and happiness from helping other people.

9.Spruce up your backyard.

Spring is the best time to begin your backyard project. If you’ve been planning to install a vegetable garden, a nursery, or a play yard, now is the perfect time for you and your kids to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. At the end of each day, treat your hardworking staff with some delicious snacks. Ice cream and desserts perhaps?

10.Fly a kite.

Every kid has got to have their kite-flying memory. Choose an open field and try to get your kids’ kite fly up to the air. It’s such a special moment.

What spring activities do you like the most?


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