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If you answered mostly A’s… …your family is not exactly fueled with the desire to branch out, try new, exciting things. And that’s okay. It’s still perfectly acceptable to need a break from your everyday schedule: and that, when you get down to it, is precisely what a vacation is. You and your children are no longer slaves to schedule. You are free to be a family together, to make up your own rules in whatever destination you decide. Suggestion 1: Staycation How much do you know about your own city, really? With flight and gas prices skyrocketing, many families have decided to stay in their own hometowns, exploring nearby areas they’ve never explored before, turning their own hometown into an undiscovered land. Your desire to break free from your every day schedule may lead you simply down the street. It’s best, however, to continue to treat your week break—your family’s staycation—like a real vacation. Since you’ll be staying either in your own bed or a hotel down the road, you’ll have easy access to your normal routine. Do everything you would do to refute your normal life before leaving on an actual, out-of-town vacation. Finish your laundry and the rest of your chores before the actual beginning of your staycation. Don’t even think about dropping by the office, even if it’s right there and they need you. Think of yourself and your family as five hundred miles away from your real responsibilities and indulge yourselves. You won’t be spending as much money by staying and vacationing in your hometown; but it’s best to understand that you can spend a little bit more than usual. If you would usually go out to eat on vacation five hundred miles away, go ahead and treat yourself. (Be sure to go to a kid-friendly restaurant if your children are unable to handle fancy dining. Maybe you can get a babysitter at a later date for any of the more ritzy places.) Furthermore, you cannot become lazy when planning your staycation. Be sure to pay attention to later chapters in this book to understand the ways in which to plan an itinerary. Of course, you do not always have to stick to your vacation itinerary. But at least having one on your staycation prevents you from slipping into bad habits like doing chores and watching too much television. This vacation is an attempt to rip you from your every day schedule. Allow it to do just that! Website Research: Search for your own city’s visitor website to understand better what attracts tourists to your city. Understand the role your particular town plays in the scheme of the world. Furthermore, look to or for various reviews on local restaurants or hotels or fun businesses in your area that you’ve never tried before. This will leave a sense for various price ranges surrounding you. Suggestion 2: Beach Vacation Beach vacations are nice for the inactive families. The sandy beaches offer great expanses for your children to play in the sand, to read in the shade of an umbrella, or to run—if they so choose. Oftentimes, beach vacations allow for rented condos or great, beachside houses. While occasionally pricey, these beachside houses allow for much room for your family to spread out for a relaxing time away from your schedules. The beach houses come with several amenities as well such as cable television and video games if your children are more inclined to vacation couch side before joining you in the sun later on. The beach vacation is incredibly calm, oftentimes resort-like. Family-friendly restaurants lurk in all areas of beach life: restaurants full with loud, running children. Therefore, if you’re searching for a low-key, unobtrusive place to take your entire family for an exciting dinner away from it all, you should have several options. Website Research: contains an elaborate list of best family beachside vacations. Further vacation homes can be found at If you answered mostly B’s… …our family holds within itself an innate curiosity. It isn’t quite ready to break free from the country, for example. But it’s interested in some sort of magic beyond the walls in which you live and breathe every day. Therefore, something familiar but also far away is essential. Your children will feel alive, fueled with the fact that they’ve heard a great deal about your destination but never thought they would arrive there. And you will feel excellent yielding this world to them: this world they’ve dreamed about. A Local Theme Park, Disney World, or Orlando Studios: Search for Magic in a Pre-Ordained Family-Friendly Park Theme parks throughout the world provide immense world building; therefore, no matter the age of your children, you should be able to find an elaborate park fresh with both young children rides and large rollercoasters for the most daring teenagers. Of course, it’ll take a good deal of planning to understand which theme park is best for your particular family’s personality. Cedar Point, for example, located in Northeastern Ohio, is generally perfect for a rollercoaster, thrill-seeking family while Disney World in Orlando, Florida is perfect for younger children, fresh and ready for the available Disney magic. Further younger-oriented families will find joy with Story Land, located in Glen, New Hampshire. It’s based on German fairytale and is geared toward under-ten magic seekers. Unfortunately, there are several other issues involved in planning a theme park vacation. Hotels surrounding Disney World, for example, are incredibly expensive. Luckily, you can do a bit of research in order to find various ticket and room deals, thus decreasing your overall vacation bill. Website Research: lends you several tips on planning an extensive family vacation at Disney World. also outlines various ways in which theme park vacations can be beneficial for the entire family. If you answered mostly C’s… …your family is aching to find a completely different world, to explore a completely different terrain. Suggestion 1: A Large, European City If money is no limit and your children are aching to explore another area of the world, you may find yourself in a strange, European city hobbling over cobblestone streets. When preparing for your European city vacation, however, remember maintain your children’s needs as top priority. Try to position your hotel near a park; active children will need plenty of room to run freely in the otherwise great, somewhat strange city. Also, remember that it’s best to stay in an area close to many of the main attractions. Travel is hard on children, and they will be unable to walk great distances. Try to continuously explain the historical significance of the city to your children while also lending them several children-friendly activities such as various local theme parks, park puppet shows, or pony rides. Website Research: outlines some of the best European cities for families. It includes Stratford-Upon-Avon and the Italian coastal city of Cinque Terre. Suggestion 2: A Camping Adventure Bringing children into the wilderness without plumbing or local grocery stores seems like a crazy thing, sure. But your family is adventurous and daring. Furthermore, reclining next to a campfire allows your children to really take charge in various situations. They are able, for example, to perhaps prepare their own food over the fire, exchange stories, really commune about their lives at home. You are all so busy, living separate lives even as a family at home, it might be a good time to come together in this most ancient of communication arenas. Furthermore, the location of your campground leaves a lot to be decided in additional planning. If you campground is close to a beach, for example, you can combine rugged adventure with a day of relaxation. Alternately, you can combine your rugged adventure with an even more rugged windsurfing expedition. There will be several local hiking trails, as well; most campgrounds contain various levels of difficulty, ranked from one to five, in order to administer to young children. Furthermore, several campgrounds contain kid-friendly horse rides. There’s no end to the adventure your family can have out in the wilderness. Don’t forget the s’more supplies. Website Research: The researches the ten greatest family camping spots in the world. FREE! August 22-23!! “Traveling Together – The All-Inclusive Guide to Traveling and Vacationing With Children” ebook available .

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