Traveling with Babies

General Getting Prepared Packing


When traveling with babies, parents need to know in advance which traveling accessories for babies are permitted on airplanes. If traveling by road, they will also need to know what to carry so that all of baby’s needs are met.

Basic travel pack

The basic traveling accessories for babies will include diapers, creams and lotions and clean changes of clothing for during the flight. Be aware that on many airlines there are restrictions about what you can carry with you. Creams for the baby should be kept in hand luggage, though check allowances as these vary with different air companies. If the baby is permitted a travel bag, this helps and some airlines do understand the need. Baby food and milk is permitted on planes, and if you need a bottle warming, the stewardess will usually be pleased to oblige. If you need a carrycot, do ask in advance as these are very much given out “on demand” and you may find yourself without one if not considered at the time of booking.

Car travel

For those traveling by car, the basic traveling accessories for babies outlined above make sense although you need to make sure you have sufficient baby food and formula for the whole trip. A change in formula may make baby sick. Take the opportunity to include a fold down stroller or a sling as these will help you when reaching your destination. One of the most useful items to always have with you when traveling with baby is wipes as these come in handy in obvious ways as well as for cleaning hands between feeds. If depending upon hotel accommodation, it may be worthwhile packing an inflatable baby bath, since many hotels don’t cater for this essential aspect of a baby’s life. However, chances are that they will have highchairs and that you can use the stroller if that is not the case.

When thinking about hygiene, it’s always worth taking your own baby blankets as your baby will feel snug within familiar bedclothes.  A baby may also be more comfortable with his/her favorite toy.

Clothing and bags

The kind of bag you need is one specifically made for carrying all the paraphernalia needed to change baby, including a section where soiled diapers can be safely stored until disposed of. There need to be plenty of pockets for all the necessary clothing, and the bag should carry enough clothing for regular changing of baby as and when spills happen.

With a little preparation in advance, you and your baby will arrive safely at your destination with very little difficulty en route. Being prepared for the travel is simple though make sure that adequate supplies are packed and easy to reach at all times during the voyage. By doing this, you are keeping baby safe and not depending upon buying items you are unfamiliar with at your holiday destination. That makes a lot of sense and helps in the well-being of your baby.

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