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Your packing lists will almost certainly be at least slightly different for your kids depending on what type of trip you are taking, the duration, the time of year / season, and the activities that you plan to do.  Here are some helpful reminders of things not to forget in general, as well as a more detailed look at a few different types of family vacation:

General Travel


No matter where and when you are travelling there are a few items that you will probably want to pack for your kids.  Of course they will need suitable clothing for their vacation, but don’t overlook the importance of also having sleepwear that is appropriate to the temperature and that will ensure your kids have a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.  After all, tired kids usually make for much longer and less fun days for all!  It is highly recommended to take a favourite soft toy of your child’s to help them feel more secure and settled.  A basic first aid kid should be on your list as well as any repeat medication along with extra copies of any prescriptions just in case any medicine is mislaid and needs to be replaced.  A few small toys and games can be a travel life-saver during quieter periods; our Kids’ Travel Guides are also great for keeping kids occupied and entertained.  Toiletries and personal care items are also essentials.

Road Trips


You will probably want to think a bit more about different games and activities t keep your children occupied during road trips.  Having a good election will help t relieve boredom on long open stretches of road.  It is a great idea to have a few things that can be enjoyed outside of the car on rest breaks too – you may be surprised at how much excess energy a football or a Frisbee can burn off on a short rest stop!  Pick your car music carefully and your kids will be happier, and having a good selection of snacks and drinks is recommended.  If your children suffer from motion sickness make sure that you pack something to prevent this.  Depending on the age of yor kids you may also want to take a car seat.

Hot Weather Trips

beach (2)

Sun block, a cap, and a long-sleeved shirt to prevent sunburn should be included for trips to hot places.  Oral rehydration therapies could be a great idea and you should make sure that you always have enough fluids to hand for your kids.  Swimwear is always a great idea in hotter climates whether you are going to a beach resort or not – many towns and cities have public swimming pools that can be a great activity for a day in the heat.  Jelly shoes are a great way of letting your kids paddle in the sea without excessive worrying about what they may stand on.  Depending on the exact destination insect repellent and something to soothe any bites should also go into your case.  Talcum powder can help with heat rash and chaffing and sunglasses should be included..

Cold Weather Trips


A suitable jacket / coat, a scarf, hat, gloves, warm socks, and ear muffs all help to keep your kids warmer in colder temperatures.  Vaseline and lip salve can prevent chaffing and chapping, and a soothing lotion can work wonders if it’s too late to prevent dry skin and cracks because of the cold.  If you are skiing a pair of sunglasses can help prevent glare from the sun, and if there is likely to be a lot of rain in your destination don’t forget an umbrella and / or a raincoat.

Do you have any must-have items for different types of family trips?

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