The Pros and Cons of Family Winter Holidays

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Winter is coming. And while for most people, the icy season is usually spent at home, for some, it’s the perfect time for vacations. Family vacations to be exact.

Admit it, there’s something magical about traveling in the winter – something the summer season can’t just compete with. However, it comes with challenges too. From flight delays to the icy roads, there are a few things you should consider when traveling during the winter, especially if you are bringing your kids with you.

So if you’re thinking about traveling with your kids this winter (and if this is going to be your first winter family travel), knowing about the following pros and cons will greatly help you decide whether it’s the ideal kind of trip for your family.

The Pros and Cons of Family Winter Holidays

Ready? Here we go.

Good things first…

There are surely delightful reasons to travel with kids in the winter. Here are some of them:

It’s a totally new experience.

Snow allows travellers to experience the world in a whole new perspective. And while it’s often a nuisance for the grownups, for the young ones – it’s a truly magical and fun experience. Apart from the snowy white surroundings, there are so many winter activities that you and your children will surely enjoy. There’s outdoor ice skating in colder areas, along with a beautiful display of ice creations and beautiful lights in the night. Yes. As the popular song goes, you may want to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

You save more.

Because it isn’t peak season, traveling during the winter is way more expensive than traveling during summer. From air flights to hotel accommodations and tourist attractions, you’d get to save money on your bookings. This means a lot especially if you have a big family. Booking early will help you save even more. And maybe that extra money could go toward a sumptuous family dinner at a fancy restaurant, a trip to the museum, or an extended stay in your destination.

It’s nice and cozy.

Open fires, deep sofas, thick blankets, and character rooms – don’t you want to experience it with your family once in a while? During winter, many contemporary, artistic rental homes and cottages become available for family bookings. Isn’t it lovely to watch the beautiful snowflakes fall from your window while your kids enjoy hot chocolate or healthy, warm chicken soup? Traveling during the winter brings not only inspiring views, but an opportunity to sit back, chill and relax. After all, it’s what you’ve travelled for. Just don’t forget to pack your wellies!

It’s a beautiful downtime for kids.

After that unforgettable experience playing with snow, family travels during the winter season brings more time for children to really take time off and relax. There are so many activities they can do inside the hotel or vacation home apart from watching TV. You may want to bring some coloring books, puzzles, or art materials for your kids. Surely, they’d enjoy less exhausting yet creative activities at the end of the day.

Kids will really enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Every child loves Christmas. And there are places all over the world where the Christmas spirit can be enjoyed the most, like in Austria, Valkenburg, Netherlands, Vermont, France and Belgium. It’s a great time to experience Holiday in a different city, while connecting with the locals and learning more about their culture.

The Pros and Cons of Family Winter Holidays


Traveling during the winter is really fun. But there are downsides too:

It’s cold. And at times, super cold.

This is basically the main reason why many families ought to travel during summer. The weather can get worse sometimes, and treacherous storms can cause flight delays and icy roads. Of course, you don’t want that especially if you’re traveling with kids. It is very important to constantly check on weather updates. It’ll be nice if you’d do more research about your destination, especially what particular months during winter the weather is worst.

It requires more work.

Apart from doing a research, you also want to make sure you’re all geared up before leaving home, especially your kids. You may need to pack more clothes than usual. Also, planning is crucial. Consider booking in advance and listing down everything you need, from the basics like clothes and medications to the add-ins – books to read while traveling, maps, toys, etc.

Streets may be less busy.

In some parts of the world, there are cities that tend to shut down during the winter. A variety of destinations, stores, and kids’ attractions that may be popular in summer may not open during winter. So, whether you’re having an international or domestic trip with your family, be sure to do your research carefully.

Traveling is traveling regardless of the season. What is more important is that you make the most out of every family trip you make. By being prepared and doing a little more research, you and your kids will definitely have a one-of-kind, less stressful and memorable family travel, rain or shine.


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