Essential Kids’ Packing Lists

Your packing lists will almost certainly be at least slightly different for your kids depending on what type of trip you are taking, the duration, the time of year / season, and the activities that you plan to do.  Here are some helpful reminders of things not to forget in general, as well as a […]

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Travel with Kids: What You Should Do (And What You Should Not!)

You may have loads of experience of travelling before you had kids, but once you throw little ones into the equation it’s a whole different ball game!  Many people worry about their first (and sometimes subsequent!) trip with children, but with a little advance planning and preparation you can still enjoy a fabulous family vacation.  […]

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Essential Travel First Aid Kit

Whilst you really don’t want your child to be ill when on holiday it is far better to prepare for the worst and not need anything than to go unprepared and find yourself in a bit of a panic.  A basic first aid kit should be one of your (many!) priorities when you are packing […]

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Suitcase Suitability

Suitcase Suitability

Bringing all the clothing items that children need for a trip can be challenging. You want to make sure the suitcase is not so heavy and awkward that you cannot easily handle it, yet still include the basic essentials. The destination location will help you determine the types of clothes you pack; so carefully check […]

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