Essential Packing List for a Family Skiing Holiday

Packing Ski Special vacations

Remembering everything when travelling with your kids can be a challenge at the best of times.  This can seem worse, however, for certain types of specialist trips, such as skiing trips.  You need to some things to make your trip comfortable, things that may be difficult or more expensive to buy when you have already left home.

Here’s a handy checklist to help you out!

Extra Socks and Underwear

Everyone is likely to end up soaking wet at several parts of your holiday.  Not to mention the sweat that can accumulate during an active day on the slopes!  Of course, you will pack a new pair for each day.  Ideally though, unless you want to spend part of your family vacation doing laundry, you should try and take a minimum of two sets per day … and then throw in a few extra sets to be totally on the safe side! You will likely want to take plenty of extra regular clothes too.

Sunscreen and Lip Balm


A combination of the cold and the sun can play havoc with the skin, for old and young alike.  Chapped lips are no fun at all!  Make sure everyone applies both before going out in the morning, and keep topping up throughout the day.  You may also want to take a moisturising after-sun to use of an evening to keep everyone’s skin nice and silky smooth.

Plug Adapters

So, you’ve packed the iPad and a whole host of other gadgets and gizmos to keep the kids entertained.  But don’t forget the chargers and adapters!  They are not so expensive and are those things that you don’t fully appreciate until you don’t have them!



The glare off the snow can be pretty intense.  Protect your children’s eyes by having a good pair of sunglasses for them to wear.

Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle helps to keep everyone well-hydrated during fun and active days.


Thermal clothing is wonderful in colder conditions, and it allows your kids to wear layers to adapt to the changing temperatures throughout the day.

Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski


The Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski is a fantastic way for your kids to brush up on their safety knowledge, learn more about skiing, pick up some ski and snowboard lingo, and complete an array of fun and engaging activities during periods of quiet time.  Don’t leave home without it!

First Aid Kid

Whilst you probably carry a small first aid kit with you on all of your family travels, there is an increased chance of bumps and scrapes on a skiing trip.  Check it is well-stocked with the essentials before you set off.  And, if you use anything whilst away make sure that you pop into a pharmacy near your resort to replenish your stocks as soon as possible.

Of course, you’ll also want your ski and / or snowboard equipment (if you don’t plan on hiring it whilst away) and a few small travel games, favourite teddy bears, etc. Are there any other things that you think are absolutely essential items to have on a family skiing adventure?

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