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Getting Prepared Packing Paris

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PACKING If reading this, you are certainly preparing to visit Paris with your family. Here are some ideas for an efficient packing. LUGGAGE Note to self: You should only take luggage with wheels. There are several kinds – the ones that roll smoothly in only one direction at about a 45 degree incline, and the ones with 360 degree rolling wheels. Get the kind you are most comfortable with, and give them a test drive, just to ensure good quality. Make sure you are comfortable using one hand to carry the luggage easily while holding your kids with your other hand. In cities that are easy to walk in, like Paris, where hiring cabs / taxis might get too expensive, you need luggage that is easy to steer so you can get in and out of trains and buses easier. You should also keep in mind that the métro stations often don’t have ramps or lifts, and some have many stairs. While Parisians are often very polite and will frequently offer to help you with heavy bags and prams, it still makes travelling around a big hassle. Try to keep the weight of your luggage to a minimum so that you can carry it easily up and down a lot of stairs. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Chances are, you’re planning your trip to Paris for the summer season. Whilst packing for winter is a no-brainer – cardigans, caps, ear muffs, gloves, parkas, raincoats and thermals – Parisian weather can be rather tricky in the summer season. Sure, it may not be as much of a roller-coaster ride as Chicago, but temperatures can spike or drop 30 degrees Fahrenheit within 24 hours. It is important that you pack all possible layers for yourselves and your children. You definitely do not want a sneezing, sniffling Pinocchio on your hands. Shoes are the most important for any wardrobe when you’re traveling. Not the style – the comfort! If you have walking shoes / compressed air joggers that don’t compromise on style, then, kudos to you. But if you need to compromise on one, compromise on style. You and your kids will definitely need that comfort, because sight-seeing in Paris requires a lot of walking. If your feet hurt, so will your trip. Pack coin purses too. You will soon discover that you will be paying for most of your meals and snacks with coins.

For more helpful ideas to prepare your trip and make the most of it, you can read the whole guide here:

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