Why You Should Choose A Family Travel Immersion Experience

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If you’re already a fan of FlyingKids’ travel resources, chances are that your family love spending time together experiencing new countries. But we think you’ll also agree that planning family vacations can often be tricky and you tend to be left with the feeling that you can’t please everyone all of the time.  

Particularly if you have children of different ages, it can be hard to find the perfect choice for everyone in the family. You want lots of fun and adventures to tire the younger ones out but also want time to relax as adults. If this sounds like you, a family travel immersion experience might just be right up your street.

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Something For Everyone

So what is a family travel immersion experience? Well it’s a vacation as a whole family where you stay with another family in their home, typically in a new country, and experience it in a truly authentic way. You can choose between one way paid stays or exchange stays whereby both families reciprocate hospitality.

But the really cool part is that the family you stay with and the country you opt for is completely your choice. Which means that you can match up with another travel loving family who has the same interests as you, kids of similar ages, and you get to experience a country on a completely different level. It’s a win for everyone.

Educational Travel

Another aspect of this kind of travel adventure means you get the opportunity to immerse your family in a new language. Which is surprisingly easy to pick up the basics of when it’s all around you and you’re having fun. So don’t worry if you’ve never studied another language before. Homestay hosts are excellent teachers and usually speak fluent English too.

If you fancy it you can even choose to stay with a family who can provide more structured language lessons to all or part of your family. Parents find this especially useful for their kids’ 

progression in their foreign language studies and often see grade improvements. Especially when it is then reinforced through play as they make friends with the host family’s children.

Memorable Experiences

Whether you fancy a family vacation with plenty of nature and outdoorsy stuff, a city break with lots of museums and interesting architecture, a beach getaway in warmer climates, or a mixture of all three, there are plenty of family home-stays available with Lingoo, the worlds biggest language and homestay club.

It’s totally commonplace for families who choose a family language exchange or homestay vacation to make friends for life. Especially when you have bonded over partaking in shared hobbies, eating meals together and learning about each others different cultures. Plus while the kids are hanging out, you get to relax and enjoy some adult conversation.

How Does Lingoo Work?

Simply visit the Lingoo website, choose your target language, a stay for a family group, the type of stay (paid or exchange) and a list of matches will pop up. From there you can narrow your search further or click through to view the family’s profiles in detail complete with photographs, prices and reviews.

If you like what you see simply sign up and start a conversation through the secure messaging system with your chosen homestay hosts. And rest assured Lingoo take your family’s safety and security very seriously, all hosts go through a stringent validation process and are verified by a human being. Happy travels!



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