Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

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Are you tempted to take the kids skiing?  Undecided and sitting on the fence?

Getting kids involved in a range of sports is not only great for their health, but can also be heaps of fun for the whole family.  Whilst sporting activities are undoubtedly easier in the warmer months, winter activities need not be as challenging as you may think.

Here are some great reasons to take a skiing holiday with the kids:

Great Outdoor Activity

Your child will get a lot of exercise outdoors, even just by walking from your accommodation to the ski lifts!  Getting kids more interested and involved in snow sports gives them active options during the winter months, a time when many people slow down and resist leaving the house.  The cold air is crisp and fresh, offering a wonderful break from the pollution and fumes of the city.  Rather than hearing the impatient honking of traffic, your kids will hear the sounds of nature as well as joyful cheers and cries of other kids enjoying the snow. Skiing enables you to keep your family active all year round.  All that extra energy is burned off and your kids will sleep soundly at night!

Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

Snow Memories

Just like the beach, kids usually can’t help but get excited when seeing snow.  It is soft and crisp, they can pick it up and throw it, build a beautiful snowman, or just slide around in it all day long. Pretty much anything you do on snow creates a good time for kids.  These memories will stick with them for years to come.

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Learn New Skills

Skiing and snowboarding really are sports for everyone; there are plentiful opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn how to do them and improve.  When you visit a ski resort, you’re generally never far from a ski school.  Lessons are usually available for both adults and kids, and give the chance of not only learning and perfecting a new skill but also meeting other people.  It is possible at some resorts to have group family lessons.  There are also those that offer programs especially tailored for physically challenged guests, meaning that there are no restrictions to enjoying the snow and great outdoors.

Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

Other Activities

There is usually a wide array of other activities available for families to enjoy after a busy day on the slopes or if a change is wanted.  A lot of resorts have heated swimming pools, perfect for children who love the water as well as the snow.  Have a great workout with some cross-country skiing or Nordic walking – kids are often intrigued by snow shows!  Go on a winter nature spotting ramble, enjoy sledding, build a snowman, play games in front of a roaring fire, and more!  Depending on the location, your kids can enjoy activities like dog sledding and riding on a snowmobile, and there are many family-friendly resorts that have excellent kids’ programs.

Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

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Time Together

Looking for some uninterrupted and special time with your child?  Taking up a sport as a family not only increases the recreational time you spend together, but also gives you something to share between adventures.  Chairlift rides are an opportunity to laugh and chat together and share the joy of being in the beautiful outdoors.

Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

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… And Free Time Too

Top Reasons to Take a Family Skiing Trip

Day care and ski-school programs are designed to free-up parents to spend time alone and worry less about their little snow babies.  The idea is that parents can choose to have time to themselves or with the children, all the while knowing that their children are enjoying themselves as much as the parents.  Your kids can meet new friends and join in with varied activities whilst you hit the slopes with vigor, explore the local shops, chill out in a spa, or enjoy a few après-ski drinks.

There really are many reasons to take the kids skiing!

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