This traveling family learns about geography in a fun & interactive way

By Nupur Biswal.

  • As a family, we love to travel and explore various places. But never have I ever liked Geography as a subject! So I never inclined towards teaching my children geography as a lesson. I always used to think geography can be learned in a fun and interactive way rather than just from books. So thankfully I came across these awesome interactive World & USA maps from Flyingkids.
  • Before I was little aware of the fact that studying maps helps to develop spatial thinking in children.
  • Spatial thinking is one of the most important skills that children can develop as they learn geography, Earth, and environmental sciences. It also deepens and gives a more complete understanding of history and is linked to success in math and science. Young students also enhance their language skills as they collaborate and communicate about spatial relationships. Children who develop robust spatial thinking skills will be at an advantage in the increasingly global and technological society.

World map poster

    • FlyingKids World & USA maps are the fun learning tools that will help your children developing the much needed Spatial Thinking Skills. Both the maps are laminated, large colorful posters designed to bring geography alive to kids in a fun interactive fashion.
    • All 50 USA states are illustrated with famous landmarks and cultural images that serve to start conversations about each state and the people living there. The different states with different colors and symbols.
    • The world map for kids visually presents countries, oceans, and borders and encourages kids to learn about their world.
    • My children learn fun facts, answer quizzes, and recreate past trips and map out routes for new ones.
    • Kids can write their names, what states they’ve been to and which ones they want to visit. Can you guess where they want to go next?

      USA map poster


        • These posters are a fun way to teach geography to children.
        • I am quite impressed with the quality of the paper used! These are quite thick and laminated high-quality papers, which I am sure will last a very long time.
        • The maps come with erasable markers, so children can write on it again and again!

          usa map poster

            So much fun and learning for such reasonable and affordable price. These are awesome products and can make your summer more productive by learning about different places in the world or in the USA.


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            • Margie on

              A fun way to practice your geography skills and learn more about new places. My kids would have loved this when they were a little younger!

            • Julie on

              What a great and a FUN learning resource!! I love maps and I think travel is more fun when you can visual the destination in the grand scheme of things!

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