Ten Cool Ways for Kids to Enjoy the Snow

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Whether you live in a country that is prone to heavy bouts of winter snow or whether you are planning a vacation to snowy climes, there are so many ways for your kids (and you!) to have fun in the snow.  Just remember to all wrap up warmly!

Some great ways to enjoy the snow include:

Build a Snowman


Let’s start with one of the more obvious suggestions … Kids of all ages enjoy building snow people (who says it has to be a man?!), though little ones will need a lot more help.  Find some stones for the facial features, twigs for the arms, and voila – a snow person!  If you have any old clothes to let your kids use on their creation, even better.

Create Snow Sculptures

Because fresh snow is so malleable it can be used to craft a variety of shapes; encourage your children to get creative and build an array of small animals, people, cars, or anything else that they can think of.  Ambitious kids might like to have a go at creating a snow shelter – an igloo, ice cave, or castle, for example.

Toast Marshmallows

This one sounds daft, but it can be really good warming fun!  Using dry wood, build a small fire on top of well-compacted snow; you can get your kids to stomp on the snow to harden it if necessary.  Lights the fire and toast marshmallows, but make sure you do it quickly!  Half of the fun for kids is seeing how the fire sinks lower, and lower, and lower … This activity requires a high level of adult supervision.

Hula-Hoop Competition

The chances are that your kids will be well-bundled up if they are playing outside in the snow.  See who can keep a hula-hoop going for the longest – it’s pretty tricky with all those extra layers!



Skiing is a terrific way for kids to enjoy the snow and remain active in the winter months.  Whether downhill or cross-country, skiing really gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping.  If you’re heading off on a ski vacation, don’t forget to pack a copy of the Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski.

Snowshoe Exploring

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and head out for a nature walk with a difference.  Look for animal tracks in the fresh snow and admire the beautiful views that a powdery soft covering creates.

Snow Art

If you mix a little bit of food colouring with some water in an old spray bottle or watering can your kids can have a ball creating their very own meltable masterpieces in the snow.

Footsteps Tag


The popular childhood game of tag takes on a new meaning when snow is involved.  The person who is “it” must stay inside the footprints of the person they are chasing!

Make a Snow Globe

Give your kids an empty jar and some craft supplies such as glitter, beads, buttons, and sequins.  You could also incorporate a small scavenger hunt whereby the kids need to go outside and hunt for small pebbles, twigs, and other items that they would like to see in their snow globe.  (Make sure you have some lighter items, however, that will float in the water rather than everything sinking to the bottom.)  Once the kids have put their items in the bottom of their jar get them to fill it with snow.  Seal, and wait for the snow to melt.


If you have a hill nearby your children can enjoy the thrill of sliding down on a sled.  Alternatively, smaller kids can be pulled along for giggles galore.

Other ways for kids to enjoy the snow include tobogganing, snow tubing and rafting, snowboarding, catching snowflakes, laying down in the snow to make snow fairies / aliens, and digging out a mini maze.  A little creativity is all it takes!

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