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London loves children. Their interest in Prince George and all children is evident in their warm welcome. London has a rich history, so if you can, you will want to introduce your children to that past while entertaining them. The summer of 2014 is a great time to bond with the family on an excursion across the pond. Make sure they see the guards at Buckingham, as well as the time-accurate hosts at the Tower. Then check out our three family friendly recommendations for London in June, July, and August.
London loves kids so much they have an annual week of kids’ theater activities. In August, hundreds of theater companies open up to kids only for makeup lessons, studies of costumes, competitions, back stage tours, acting lessons, and kid filled performances. This event is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of thespians and its rich history while you kids are thoroughly engaged. Sign up for the family newsletter for frequent updates and information –
Yes, you can go to the zoo anytime, but only in the summer months of June and July can you experience London Zoo late night events. In addition to the typical animals found at a zoo, your family will be thrilled to see a night carnival, music, kiddie centers, food offerings, face painting, and a cabaret. Going to see the lions, tigers, and bears has never been so much fun.
Are you tired, are the kids getting restless, or bored with the usual vacation fare? The Royal Marines can remedy this problem. In early June, they perform their awe-inspiring parade retreat. With flashy uniforms, exact precision, drill work, and horses; over 400 marines entertain and thrill. And there is a band, also. This is the 350 anniversary of the Royal Marines; plan to be a part of their entertaining and commemorative celebration.

Yes, London is a living museum with galleries, historical buildings, and a rich history, but London also caters to kids while introducing them to their world. See London in the summer!

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