Day-by-Day Travel Itinerary: Keep It Simple

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When you begin your day-by-day travel itinerary, you must, in the end, base it on your youngest child. Your youngest child can handle the least and will get tired, the quickest. Therefore, if you don’t feel your youngest child can handle too much, chose one thing from either your (or your teenager’s) extensive list of must-do items for each day. Just one item will not overwhelm any young children, and it sets your expectations safely low. Fill the rest of your itinerary with activities or sightseeing that your young child will like or at the very least, be most easily managed at. Good examples are picnics in the park, horseback rides, hiking or swimming. If your child is feeling a little bit energetic on a particular day, you can add more things from the designated list of must-do things. Therefore, you can have a set item for each day in a designated area; the rest of the day allows for continued exploration of that area doing the various things your child enjoys. This low-level stress itinerary keeps things simple. It keeps everyone happy.

Our Parents’ Travel Guide allows for intelligent and sensitive planning for families. There are many destination specific guides to help parents plan the perfect itinerary, keeping in mind, all of the pointers covered so far. It would be worthwhile to check if your destination is covered in this series. Each guide carries a sample itinerary along with helpful routes for each day.

To Summarize:

  • When all is said and done, your itinerary needs to give the most leeway to the youngest member of the family.
  • Try to be somewhat flexible to his/her moods and needs. Plan to accomplish some of your and the older kids’ expectations. And leave the remaining time to be utilized according to the youngest one’s energy level and needs.
  • Our Parents’ Travel Guide Series covers most of the major destinations of the world. Check to see if we’ve covered your destination. These guides come with planned itineraries and routes.


Our “Traveling Together” Guide is full of ideas and suggestions for you to plan the best vacations for your family. Get in from here

Traveling together


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