Kids’ Travel Guide – AUSTRALIA Launch – Interview with the author Angie Droulias

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As you could hint from our social media channels, we have a brand new guide launching today… Kids’ Travel Guide – Australia!!! Yes, we are really excited about it and we have a few surprises prepared for you this week so keep an eye on our social media channels and here on our blog!

Kids' Travel Guide - Australia

First on the list is our interview with Angie Droulias – the author of our brand new book – KIDS’ TRAVEL GUIDE – AUSTRALIA.  Read more about Angie and the creation of the new guide below:

Angie Droulias, the author of the Kids' Travel Guide - Australia

Angie Droulias is a Greek-Australian writer, author, and content expert. With a degree in Graphic Design and certifications in ESL Teaching Methodology, Angie kick-started her early career by teaching English as a Second Language to Greek youngsters and adults. She additionally participated in creating ESL educational material (both in digital and print format) for students in Greece, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Angie currently lives in a picturesque Greek village in the Peloponnese with her husband and old yet hyperactive canary. She enjoys nature walks, Yoga, brainstorming for her imminent novel, and learning a new thing every day.

Q1: Why did you want to write a children’s travel guide about Australia?

Having been born and raised in Australia –and often missing it terribly!- it felt only natural to want to write a book about it someday. This is what in essence compelled me to apply as an author of the Travel Guide for Australia. Knowing how kids think and what ignites their excitement, I knew just the places to recommend and what tips and guidelines to offer on their Aussie adventure!

Q2: What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

As a professional writer who tends to provide content predominantly geared towards adults and businesses, I admittedly get bored of constantly employing the same tone and similar narratives. Writing for children, however…therein lies fun! I particularly enjoyed describing aspects of the Australian culture to the young readers; how they can eat like Aussies, have fun like Aussies, even speak like Aussies! Moreover, I thoroughly enjoyed writing about Australian animals and Aboriginal culture…all in all, the guide is full of amazing content!

Q3: Which part of the book do you like the most?

‘Talk like and Australian’ is my favourite section, possibly due to my long career in language teaching! 

Q4: I know you were born in Australia, did writing this book remind you about your childhood there? Did it make you miss it?

I miss my childhood regardless! Don’t we all? Still, it definitely was a pleasant walk down memory lane, especially when describing little details, like the taste of certain foods or an idiomatic expression only Australian people ever use. However, I did have to conduct some research and recommend a whole array of cities and sights.But it was all good fun!

Q5: Why should parents buy the Kids’ Travel Guide – Australia for their kids?

Parents should purchase a copy if they plan to travel to Australia and have their kids immerse themselves in the culture in a fun and educative way. It’s an ideal way to blend both entertainment and learning.

Q6: Any other recommendations?

I believe the guide book should be enough, along with sunscreen and a suitcase full of clothes that apply to all seasons!

Q7: Is there a special message you would like to deliver to the kids who read the guide?

I’d like to advise both parents and the young readers of this book to ignore any superstition, prejudice, stereotypes and warnings about Australia. It’s highly unlikely you will get attacked by a shark or bitten by a lethal spider! If you stick to the guide and take the proper precautions, Australia may turn out to be one of your safest travel destinations.

Thank you so much for the interview, Angie! We truly appreciate your commitment to writing our new guide and for taking the time to give us this interview.

If you would like to follow Angie online please check her website , her Linkedin and Upwork Profile below:

Angie Droulias LinkedIn Profile

Angie Droulias Upwork Profile


You can read more about our new travel guide and purchase it on Amazon following this link –

If you would like to preview our new Kids’ Travel Guide – Australia all you have to do is scroll through it below:




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