Kids discover the leaders writing French history

France series Kids' travel guides - look inside Paris


Every place you visit bears the marks of the past leaders and historical figures. And it is important for your children to learn about them, for a wider and deeper understanding of culture, traditions and specifics. Yet, when planning a trip to a new place, you have so much to think about (accommodation, packing, transportation, activities), that you probably give up searching for information to offer the kids. Or you find too many details and too complicated…

This is no longer a worry. The “Kids’ Travel Guide …” series has been especially created to accompany your children during your visits in some major world cities. And Leonardo, their guide, is not just an entertainer, but a skillful teacher providing them all sorts of information (about geography, history, arts, architecture).

With a simple, but attractive language, with a kids-friendly design, quizzes, jokes and riddles, “Kids’ Travel Guide France” will introduce your children into the atmosphere of this great country, showing them symbols and giving them an overview of its past. As a great ruler and art influencer, King Louis the 14th has a full chapter dedicated to his achievements and kids will surely be enthusiastic to find them.

Let your kids learn many interesting facts about France, in a playful and fun manner, by giving them their personal travel guide –….

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