Famous European Dishes to Tempt the Kids

Eating Europe

Europe is filled with lively cities, rich architecture, delightful countryside, quaint villages, nice beaches, and more.  It also has loads of great food!  In the olden days, the continent was home to many great empires and civilizations, many of which spread across the lands, leaving parts of their culture and traditions behind.  Europe is the place where the mighty Roman Empire flourished, Napoleon ruled, the great thinkers of Greece were born, the Vikings ran amok, two World Wars left a significant impact, and it is the land that gave birth to the Industrial Revolution.

Talking about food, Europe offers many tempting treats.  And, you are not limited to local cuisine either (even though you should definitely give it a try!) – many countries have a fine selection of foods from other countries in Europe, as well as global food delights.

Within each country, you will also usually find a tempting assortment of local specialities.

If you’re planning a family vacation to the region, encourage your kids to try some of these iconic European meals:

Pizza, Italy


Pizzas might be popular all around the globe, but the ones you get in Italy are the real deal.  Visiting Italy and missing out on the authentic taste of Pizza would be such a huge shame!  The city of Naples is believed to the birthplace of Pizza and your kids would certainly love to grab a slice here.  Made out of delicious cheese, exotic herbs, tangy sauces, delightful toppings and fresh dough, authentic Italian pizzas are the one of the most famous European dishes around the world.

Banista, Bulgaria

Banista is one of the most popular foods of Bulgaria.  A yummy mixture of Bulgarian feta cheese, eggs and filo pastry, baked together, it is usually served with spinach, milk or pumpkin.  Light and bursting with flavour, it is a popular evening snack.

Irish Stew, Ireland


Native to Ireland, this special stew is made from a variety of meat and vegetables.  Mutton and lamb are often used as main ingredients of this soupy stew, and it is often served with dumplings.  Get your kids to dunk some chunky bread into this hearty goodness and watch their faces light up!

Rakott krumpli, Hungary

A warm and filling casserole-like dish, this hearty oven-baked dish consists of layers of potato with eggs, sausage, and bacon.  Sour cream is also often added.  A historic dish, it has been keeping Hungarian stomachs full for many years!  A crisp salad or pickles are the perfect addition to the creamy and rich flavours.

Pierogi, Poland


If your kids love dumplings, Poland has a special treat in store!  Myriad varieties of this dish are available, with the yummiest ones considered to be those that are fried or baked with butter and onions.  You can find Pierogi stuffed with both vegetables and ground meats and they are typically served with sauerkraut.

Donner Kebabs, Turkey

Skewers of succulent lamb’s meat are well-roasted and juicy, often served with pitta bread and salad.  They are a quick and easy snack or part of a main meal and kids usually love them!

Smorrebrod, Denmark

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A Danish sandwich, there are so many varieties of toppings to choose from that it would be difficult not to be able to tempt your kids with this local favourite.  The open sandwiches are attractive and appealing.  The base is a piece of thick and dense rye bread smeared with butter.  It is then topped with an assortment of cold meats, cheeses, fish, and salad, according to preference.  Some typical toppings include smoked salmon and lemon, cold roast pork and red cabbage, cold roast beef with onion and horseradish sauce, sliced egg and salad, and cheese with salad.

German sausages, French pastries, Spanish tapas, and English fish and chips are just a few more European foodie favourites.

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