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Household Cavelry

Numerous articles abound related to the many great London museums for children.  Yes, London really does have heaps of great child-friendly museums that are perfect for spending a few fun hours with your little ones.  Your kids can learn more about some of the top London museums in the Kids’ Travel Guide – London, as well as having lots of fun and interesting activities to complete.

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But what happens if you’re spending longer in the UK’s capital city and are looking for something a little different to do with the family?

There are several under-rated and slightly unusual museums that can be really fascinating for children and adults alike!

These are our five top picks of alternative London museums to visit with the kids:

Ragged School Museum


Located in Mile End, you and your kids can see how local children received their education in times gone by.  Showing how poor children were schooled is really quite an eye-opening experience.  The Victorian period classroom is usually popular with children, as they compare their own school with those in times gone by.  There are lots of old items on display too, such as slate boards, old fashioned school desks, ink wells, images, and so on. If you visit during the summer months there are even actors and actresses in period costumes to explain more about the school and lead visitors around.  It really is a great place to take a step back in time.

Cartoon Museum

Situated in Holborn, the Cartoon Museum has a good selection of cartoons and comics that will appeal to old and young alike.  Exhibits range from those that date back to as far as the 18th century right up to the modern day.  It’s likely that kids will spot some of their favourite cartoon characters whilst adults have a twinge of nostalgia as they relive some of their own childhood memories.  It’s a fantastic place to share with your kids the popular cartoons from your youth – although be prepared for some quizzical looks!

Magic Circle Museum

magic circle

Are your kids fascinated by magic tricks?  Would they love to take a sneak peek into the magical world and see how some of the world’s best tricks are possible?  If so, the Magic Circle Museum is brilliant!  Don’t worry – it won’t reveal all and remove all elements of wonder though!  There are several famous items on display too, including those used by the renowned Houdini.  You’ll find the museum in the Euston part of the city.

London Fire Brigade Museum

Found in Southwark, the London Fire Brigade Museum is an excellent choice for kids who are fascinated with fire trucks, equipment, and the profession as a whole.  There are lots of things for visitors to do and see, and a guide will tell you more about the historic station itself.  Whilst you must make advance arrangements to visit you will probably be more than pleased if you do take a trip here.

Household Cavalry Museum

Household Cavelry

Often a hit with the kids because of the horses, the impressive building usually appeals to older children too.  Visitors can learn a bit more about the local culture and traditions and see the role that the Household Cavalry plays in guarding the Queen at special events.

Other good choices may include the unusual Fan Museum, which is the world’s only museum that deals exclusively with fans, the Petrie Museum with its vast assortment of historical objects, the pretty Garden Museum, and the London Transport Museum.

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