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Gelato is essentially Italian ice cream.  It is typically available in a wide selection of delicious flavours and may be served in a glass dish, a cup, or a cone.  Whilst very similar to ice cream, there are a couple of key differences that, according to many people, make gelato taste even better than its cousin.

Gelato is made from more milk and less cream than ice cream.  The flavours are often a lot stronger, and the texture is usually a lot smoother.  Also, it is served at a higher temperature and so isn’t as hard as ice cream.  It is, however, denser, as not as much air is injected during the process.  Traditionally, gelato is served up with a spatula rather than a scoop.


There are several tips for choosing a traditional gelateria and making sure that you are enjoying the very finest and authentic recipes and methods.  A huge sign (usually) that a place is making their gelato in-house from scratch is that fewer flavours are offered; establishments that have a vast array to choose between often use part-prepared gelatos.  You will often find the more traditional places away from the major tourist spots.

A refreshingly cool gelato can be the ideal treat when exploring Rome’s many charms and delights.  And, people who don’t eat dairy products needn’t be excluded – gelato can also be found that has been made using only fruit, with no milk or other dairy products at all!

So, where are the best places to get a gelato in Rome?  There are so many great places to choose between that creating a definitive list is very difficult!  Here are some top recommendations though:

Galateria dell’Angeletto

Located on Via dell’Angeletto, this place may be small but the delicious gelatos certainly hit the right spot!  Cute and charming, it is a great place for people with special dietary requirements too, as there is a good choice of vegan friendly and gluten free items on the tempting menu.  Using seasonal ingredients, you are sure of a tasty serving of gelato here!

Gelateria del Teatro

dell t

Enjoying a superb location with close proximity to some of Rome’s most charming sights, round off your day’s sightseeing with a stop at this popular and high quality establishment.  Using only the finest natural ingredients, you really can taste the flavours coming through.  Some of the flavours are quite imaginative too!  As well as smooth and creamy gelato they also sell granitas, which are similar to an iced drink / slushie.


Offering delectable tastes and a captivating atmosphere that is filled with visual wonder, this place also offers a selection of different gelato making courses!  You and the kids can learn how to create your own delicious gelato for when you return home.



One of the city’s most famous gelaterias, Giolitti has built up a solid reputation as one of the go to places when in Rome.  Located between the parliament building and the Pantheon, the pavement seating is a great place to relax for a while and simply soak up the sights, savour the flavours, and let your kids (and you!) take a breather whilst watching the goings-on all around.


Serving an enticing array of artisanal gelatos, you’ll find this little gem behind the Pantheon.  Whilst they may have a smaller selection of flavours than other places, the ones that they do have are truly exquisite!  Using only the freshest seasonal fruit, they really are experts at gelato making.

Some other great spots include Gelateria Grom, Fatamorgana, Ciampini, La Romana, and Gelateria dei Gracci.  Of course, you are likely to spot a gelateria almost anywhere that you wander in Rome!

Your kids can find out more about Italian cuisine and the highlights of Rome in the Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy and Rome.  Both the country and the city are also available as individual guides.  The activities could be just perfect for entertaining the kids whilst you savour your tasty gelato long after theirs has been gobbled down!

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