Walt Disney Family Museum

Destinations San Francisco USA & Canada

USA - CIRCA 1980: Stamp printed in United States of America showing Walt Disney and Children of the World, circa 1980


Walt Disney’s characters have been a constant presence in our childhood, as well as in our children’s. We all love them and dream at them! So why not take advantage of this trip to San Francisco for a stop at the Museum dedicated to this great cartoons creator? Located in two historical buildings, of around 40,000 square feet, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Museum offers visitors a foray into the life and work of Walt Disney.

The exhibits, both permanent as well as occasional ones, magnificently blend classical displays with most modern tools, for an unforgettable experience.

Things you need to know when taking the kids:

  • Strollers access is allowed into the galleries;
  • You can check the website for the updated schedule for the period you will be visiting;
  • The museum includes a café, where you can have a snack for the kids.

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